Diary of Wade: 2 months

 I'm two months old today! And I'm keeping mom busy (as you can tell cause she hasn't written a single blog post since I turned one month old). 

This last month we moved from Utah to Minnesota. Everyone complains about the cold, but I've stayed pretty cosy. To get to our new home I went on my first plane ride! Look at me being a good boy and sleeping. 

So now I've been to Nevada, Utah, Colorado (the airport, but I'm counting it!) and Minnesota. Not bad for not even being nine weeks yet. Wonder where else I'll go this year (Maine? Texas? Georgia?).

My favorite activities are still eating and sleeping but I also love watching the fan in mom and dads room. Here I fell asleep watching it. 

I love playing patty cake and hitting my toys on my play gym (I've gotten pretty good!). 

And I'm good at grabbing things, like mom's hair. She wears it up a lot these days. 

I like to be bounced to sleep with a blanket covering my eyes (cause I get too distracted with everything to see) giving mom a great leg workout, but I'm getting better at falling asleep without tons of help. Sometimes. I've also started sleeping in four hour stretched at night! Sometimes. Mom has me on a schedule that she'll likely bore you with if you ask, all I know is that I don't get to eat whenever I want anymore. But I can't complain too much because it is nice to sleep better and I wake up so refreshed and smiley! (Look at my cute dimple).

Mom likes to dress me "cute," which I often oblige. But sometimes (like every single week at church) I make a mess cause then mom puts me into my jammies, and who wouldn't rather be in jammies! Which, speaking of my clothes - I'm wearing 3 months stuff already! And some of it will need to retire soon cause I'm growing so big! Mom says she no longer has a newborn.

Alright, time to go eat! I'll leave with a few more photos to melt your heart.


  1. Oh my golly, the picture in his yellow and white jammies is terribly precious! What a fun post. You guys have yourselves a good lil' man :) love you!

  2. love love love love love love LOVE!!!!!! Seriously, so cute! miss his faaaaaaaccce! I just want to squeeze it and cuddle him! aww man! So happy to hear all of his adventures!

  3. Melting my heart! I'm going to be there soon to take my turn at bouncing him to sleep. Thanks for the fun blog.