Kitchen redo {cabinets}

We knocked out the wall then Husband got excited and we went to LOOK at counter tops. We were planning on laminate for several reasons, but since we were looking we had some fun and looked into granite. Husband and I never were good at just looking. We're getting our new granite counter tops Monday! 

This escalated a lot of other projects we wanted to do. We didn't want to chance getting paint on our counters, so we jumped right in. Oh, and we're painting the walls too. It's been quite the If you give a mouse a cookie domino effect. 

Husband and MIL taping off the cabinets. Terrible, eternal task, but completely worth it! I would actually take longer on this step if we ever did this again.

So many doors! It took me HOURS to take them and the hardware off. I labeled everything cause I've read that sometimes the hardware doesn't fit anything but it's original door...I'm dreading putting everything back together, especially with the promise of problems.

Papa holding baby Wade while we've got too many projects going on:

My MIL measuring and taping the plastic for the cupboards - so glad she was here for this, I had no patience for it!

One very light coat - looks terrible:

The view...hopefully to be less under construction soon:

After 5 coats:

Some more of the mess. And yes, that is my oven in the hallway:

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