Spring for a day

We moved to Minnesota during one of the harshest winters in decades. With a newborn. Sounds like my luck. Plus side = we jumped into the hell frozen over vortex part way through the winter.

This week we finally got a little tinsy bit of spring! I had to roll down the window in the car and Wade's been sweating in anything but short sleeves. Good thing too, since he's into the clothes I thought he would fit into in the summer. I did not expect to have a chunky kid, but we've got rolls on rolls over here. Which I love. I love every ounce of this kid. And there are a lot of ounces. I knew that I would love my kids, but I was completely unprepared for how much I love this little guy. How many times can a smile or giggle melt my heart? At least a thousand times a day - even at 3 am. His toots are even cute, rank, but cute. Pretty sure my heart is perpetually melted slush. I have to set up boundaries so I don't over-text, facebook and instagram him. Yes mom and dad, all the photos and videos I text...that's the filtered version. There have been a few times Husband and I don't even realize the show we're watching is over cause we're engrossed with watching and playing with our little guy. 

Everyone - EVERYONE - told me that baby shoes are a waste of money, I disagree! First off, I thrift everything, so I'm not spending much. Second, they're cute. Third, they keep his socks on so his baby toes don't get chilly! 

Stella just got groomed, so she looks ridiculous! With such a long, cold winter we couldn't groom her or she'd freeze, so she was essentially one continuous mat. Her hair is so short that whenever her tail brushes her back she turns around looking for who's playing tricks on her. Poor pup. 

Blouse Old Navy, clearance | Pants Gap, clearance
Sweater J.Crew, thrifted | Shoes Target, gift (desperately need cleaning!)

Onsie Gymboree, gift | Pants Old Navy, clearance
Socks Jordan's, Marshalls | Shoes BabyGap, yard sale

I'm in a sweater and he's in long sleeves in these pictures. I had no idea how warm 50 would feel after all this cold. So we snapped pictures then changed.

Those chubby cheeks, see what I mean! We've got rolls over here! And this is the last time he can wear these yellow pants. The waist is big enough and they're long enough, but his thigh don't fit. You and me both kid - I'm to the postpartum part where I have to really work to get any more weight off. That's a post for another day.

Happy spring! Here's to more outdoor pictures!


  1. Hooray for some nice weather, finally!! :)

  2. Hey, this is the "other melissa" from the mn blogger group. Stopping by to check out your blog and start following. Wade is such a cutie - how old is he?