#TBT - Choose the Right

I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aka I'm a mormon. Through out growing up in the church there was always the saying "choose the right" or "CTR" thrown around. It's essentially the same idea as "WWJD" or " what would Jesus do." A simple slogan to hopefully help individuals - especially children - remember to make good choices when faced with a decision.

I remember getting my first CTR ring - it was adjustable and ironically green (since that's the color it turned my finger). It was the first Sunday of the year and I was six. I was so proud of this ring that got bent onto my finger just moments after I put it on. At school the next day I showed it off to all my friend, cause that's what a six year old does. I flaunted this piece of aluminum to make all my friends jealous, cause that's what this six year old did (kindergarten was a little like Mean Girls). Obviously wearing this ring wasn't making an impact on my decision making, but that might be because in my efforts to make friends green with envy for my little green ring one of my friends asked me what it meant. I answered choose the right, then got asked what that meant. My response: so you know which hand your right hand is. Then I blatantly lied and said that when I got older I'd get a CTL ring, choose the left. 

So I wasn't the best listener...or the smartest kid. But I thought I was smart, which is the worst scenario. For years after this incident whenever they talked about CTR in church I would smugly wonder why we always talked about the right and never the left - then I'd smile to myself cause this little six year old had it figured out!