Diary of Wade: 5 months

I'm five months old today! I've been sitting, eating solids, screeching, wiggling, sucking on my fingers, trying to roll onto my belly and I'm working on my first tooth. I'm exhausted. 

Sitting on my own. Mom always makes sure I have a pillow behind me for now. 

This is not the position mom put me down in...well, it almost is. I wiggled all the way around and am almost back were I started. 

We went to a Rangers game while in Texas. 

Any way I can stand up and play with things is awesome! 

I tried watermelon. I love eating! Mom can't eat with me anymore unless she shares. Might be why I got stuck in this bumbo seat. 

Nap time. 

Reading my books. I like turning the pages. 

My Easter outfit. And a picture with Daddy. 

And here I am screeching. At 6:30 in the morning. 

Whew, I need a nap. Until next month :). 

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  1. What a sweet little boy. His Easter outfit is adorable!!