Put a leg on it

Our renters left this piece of junk at our place. We had nothing (we had a mattress and crib when we moved in) when we moved in so I used this to put, well, junk on. But it's nasty.

We now have more than nothing, barely. But stuff is expensive! So I thought I'd doll this up a bit. Somehow I thought legs was key. Used to be put a bird on it, now it's put a leg on it :). How did my I get this idea? I don't remember...I looked at my Pinterest boards to check for inspiration so I could give credit, is this original? I don't think so. 

Wherever the idea came, it was a good one!

You can buy everything you need at your friendly neighborhood hardware store. I happened to be wearing heels when I picked these up, makes me giggle to go into a hardware store in heels. 

Ask where these items are, or you'll wonder around aimlessly. Which worked out well cause Wade has only been taking good naps in his stroller. Didn't work out well cause I was in heels. 

The original crap had broken wheels on the bottom. I took them off (duh) and put the top plates near the old screw marks. I got angled top plates cause it was the look I wanted, you can also get straight top plates. This is how I got myself out of measuring things, cause I am lazy! 

The legs screwed right in! Ridiculously easy. At my store they had all sizes and styles of legs. I picked medium-ish ones. They're just under a foot long. 

And I came up with this beauty! Did this all while Wade napped. Which was only about 30 minutes cause he wasn't in his stroller. So easy. Trying to decide where to put it and how to paint it. What do you think about emerald green? Or white?

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