Kitchen redo {glass tile back splash}

I've gotten asked for kitchen updates. Well, we haven't had any. We have burnt out on this kitchen about 5 times.

Husband was going to finish our kitchen for me to walk into on mother's day morning - with a steaming hot breakfast and flowers on the table, of course. Instead he stayed up all night working and spent all day apologizing that he didn't get it all done. He wanted to make me feel special on my first mother's day. And he did. I felt so special.

Then Husband went on a business trip for over a week and work has taken over since. And with work being crazy the kitchen went back on the back burner to simmer. 

But...now we've got some tile going in!! I found these 12x12 mosiac glass tiles on sale at Menards AND used our in-store rebate, so the whole thing cost us about $40. They've been in our garage until we got to this project. So happy with how it's looking: 

Why, yes, we did use The Runaway Bunny to help set the tiles in place.

Now I've got one wall of tile and half my cabinets up. And husband just found out he's leaving on another business trip tomorrow. Oy vey.

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  1. Looks like it's going to end up really cute! Also, your baby is adorable!