Day by day

fixing my hair

Oh, hey there, little blog. I've missed you. I promise I've been thinking about you, but life has been busy.

And that's how my conversations are going with just about everyone these days. Like, even my mom. August came and went like a flash of lightning - which we had a good deal of this August (translate - it's been muggy!). And I am so glad to see it go. Even though we're not doing the back to school dance this year (first time I haven't sent myself or Husband off since 1990!), September still promises a little more routine. Thank heavens.

So what have we been up to? What haven't we been up to! Let's see...I'll use bullet points for some dramatic effect:

  • Sold our 2010 Ford Taurus. Bought a 2011 Ford Taurus (that had 70,000 fewer miles!), drove out to Illinois to pick up the new car. Stayed in the sketchiest hotel, that may have been involved in an exorcism and/or seance. 
  • Looked for SUV's - cause we were never planning to keep the 2011 Ford Taurus. Might keep it anyway cause we learned that SUV's are EX-PEN-SIVE! 
  • Husband went out to Virginia to work for 10 days. 
  • Husband started a new 8-5 job (that's right here in Lakeville!).
  • I started helping the FIL with some tasks for his work - which currently entails a lot of phone tag with a woman out in Virginia. 
  • Wade got THREE teeth in one weekend. Cause the universe is a cruel place. Cruel to Wade. Cruel to me. Cruel to my nipples. He's up to five chompers in that mouth.  
  • In conjunction with the teeth ordeal Wade got a massive fever. Got up to 104* F. In the middle of the night on Sunday. Cause that's how these things go. Took him to the ER. Found out we needed to keep doing what we were doing...expensive advice. 
  • Got a bed in our guest room (everyone come visit!).
  • Husband's brother + family, grandparents, grandpa, aunt and cousin all came to visit in a week span (same week Wade was sick...just to add to it). 
  • Furnace fan went out. Cause that's what we wanted to spend out money and time on. 
Okay, that list doesn't seem that big. But throw it in with me still working 25 hours a week from home, the never ending accumulation of dishes and laundry, daily walks for Stella (which she thinks it should be at least two!), naps, diapers, midnight feedings...whew. And you'll notice that finishing our back splash isn't on the list. I am so excited for the routine to set in. Bring on the mundane! 

Which brings me to the quote above. You didn't think I was getting there. I really want to work on making the usual a little better. Make our routine life a wonderful life. I'm a creature of habit. Habits are so much easier for me, otherwise I feel like I'm always playing catch up. Since Husband started his new job I've been getting up with him to make him breakfast and help make his lunch - it's been delightful. He gets home around five every night and we make dinner together - I love it. There will always be upsets to our every day life, some good and some bad, but I'm so enjoying settling into the hustle and bustle of our daily life. 

We never really will settle in. That's not our style. We'll pick up new projects (finishing the back splash this week! And painting the entry next), go on trips (just bought my ticket out to Utah - Sept. 18-23!) and set new goals to stretch us. And we'll always find ways to bite off more than we can chew. 

Speaking of...we have exciting news! Maybe. 

I'm not pregnant. 


  1. You certainly have had a lot going on! I feel you on the teething, three at one go? That's tough! And the biting. Oh the biting. Hope you find some routine soon!

    1. Thank you! It's been one of those months (couple of months?) that we were just sprinting and didn't even realize it until we stopped and wondered why we were so exhausted! Here's to routines :)

  2. New to your blog!! How old is your son? I have a 6 month old baby boy and he's teething too, it's awful!

    1. Welcome!! I love making new virtual friends!
      Mr. Wade is 9 months - and teething is so the worst. You feel bad for him and for you! Hang in there too!!