Family Pictures: August

Remember how Husband and I had this great idea to take family pictures every month? Then we failed for June and July? Those months just went by so fast! Wasn't the Fourth of July just, like, a week ago? But, it was worth the wait, because these are my favorite pictures thus far. So many Wade smiles!

They're not perfect (duh!), that's what you get when you have a super novice photographer and trying to take pictures with a remote. There were several that Husband and I looked better in, but Wade cuteness always beats out us looking dumb (like me fixing my hair in the first one).

fixing my hair a family on a sidewalk dad being silly heisman baby scrunchie face and daddy looking off with mom walking with mom saying hi to Stella sitting on the blanket with stella family on the blanket big wade smiles

This was the first time I was able to catch any of Wade's new scrunchie face, I'm sure I love it more than anyone else (excluding Husband, of course), but every time I see it my inside giggle.

This edition of family pics was a definite success!

Oh, and this kid is getting up on his knees:
   big wade smiles

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  1. Aw, what sweet pictures of your family! I love seeing Wade's little teeth too! My little guy has the same two, very cute!