What it looks like: post week trip + a migraine

We went to Utah. Just Wade and me. It was wonderful. Not the fact that it was just Wade and me, it would've been delightful to have Husband there too. It was so good seeing family and friends, enjoying the tail end of summer again (it's 100% fall here), and showing off my offspring. He hammed it up good. As expected.

Here's the downside. Every time I fly I get a migraine. It's terrible. My muscles get tight sitting so still and the constant pressure changes - ugh! As my cousin Emmy would say - it's the worst. Somehow I avoided it on my flights out to Utah, so thankfully none of my time visiting was hacked into. But on the way back...oh man. Worst migraine I've had since Wade was born.

The result:

storage closet guest room storage closet guest room

I followed Wade around in a grog as he showed me all the things he can get into and all the places I need to baby proof. I kept smiling to myself that this place is a wreck and it doesn't matter. I was cherishing the chaos that previously would've stressed my out - cause stress totally helps a migraine. I've changed a lot.

Somehow I did get the perfect combination of ice, heat, caffeine, peppermint and pain killers to clean up last night.


  1. If it makes you feel better my house looks like that a majority of the time without having a migraine! It is hard to keep up with working and having a little guy!

    1. Just saw your comment - sorry to pass it by! I know what you mean, we usually have several disaster zones going on, this one just cracked me up cause it was in every nook and cranny! I always remind myself that playing with my mini-me is far better than scrubbing toilets. Then sometimes I need to remind myself that toilets do need so be scrubbed sometimes. Ha, ha!