Diary of Wade: ONE


Where do I even begin? How do I recount this past year? That's my entire life! It's been amazing. I feel like I've learned so much and experienced so many new things. From the first time I grabbed the lion on my toy gym, to my first taste of oatmeal. So much has changed.

Mom threw me a party and it was the most fun!

I wore a party hat, got a brownie cake covered in whipped cream all to myself and opened presents at the end!

The big kids helped me unwrap my presents, cause this was the first time I've done it. I sure loved having my friends around me! After we all played with my toys.

Now that I'm one I'm eating like a big kid. I eat more than Mom - and sometimes even more than
Dad! Course they eat after I go to bed sometimes...so that's not really fair. I like everything (except canned fruits and veggies - don't try to pull that crap on me, I'll know!!), but I love pears, eggs, yogurt, sweet potatoes, grapes, oatmeal, cheese, graham crackers and gold fish. And I really love throwing stuff on the ground for Stella. Mom tells me no, but sometimes I catch her smiling, so I know she thinks it's funny too.

I still love my lids and bowls to play with, but now I really like stacking things too. And setting my toys on top of things. Mom and dad are always finding toys on top of their dresser and desks. Sometimes I get things inside of mom's desk drawers - it's pretty cool, except I smash my fingers getting them out. I like to stack my food too, and set it on the counter next to my highchair. I like throwing things into the bathtub and now mom is showing me how to throw things into baskets too, dad is pretty proud and keeps calling me his basketball star - which doesn't make sense cause I throw blocks and lids and bowls and toys in, so I should be his basket-toy star, but whatever. Parents be crazy.

I can walk around holding onto just one of mom's hands, but I'm just not brave enough to take off. And why? I can crawl everywhere I want. I can go up and down the stairs. I can walk around just about anywhere holding onto things - cabinets, the couch, chairs. I guess I'll work up the courage soon. I'm worried cause sometimes I just get so excited and have to wiggle, and then I'll fall over! But I guess it won't be the first time I tumble.

I love jumping and bouncing, being thrown in the air and wrestling with dad. I like being tickled in my armpits and on my neck. I love bedtime, but hate naps. Baths are super fun, but getting dressed or getting my diaper changed is the worst.

This year has been amazing, and I'm thankful to all the great people around me who have helped get me to this point. Friends and family. Grandma and Papa Billa Bankhead, Nana and Papa Wright. And especially my Mom and Dad - they're the best.