Wade's room/Guest room switch

We switched Wade's room and the guest room! I talked about maybe switching them here, and after that virtual brainstorm, it just made sense! It took forever, as most projects do with an active baby. Especially when your best time to work is during nap time, but you can't go into his room cause he's sleeping. For a while there when we'd say Wade's room we'd have to clarify which one...the new one or old one. But now everything is moved over. And I am loving it.

Wade is loving it too. He crawls back and forth between his room and his playroom all day long, and thinks it is the coolest. All the sudden things, that have been in his room his whole life, are so much fun! The crib rungs, the rocking chair (which I still need to put a skirt on), his shelves. All toys now.

Here's a snap shot:

Wade's new room

All the big stuff is in place. All the little stuff is floating around in annoying awkwardness. I'm planning on making a few things for his walls for his birthday or Christmas, so maybe a little reveal after that? Ha, just realized there is still painters tape under the window that I need to cute off. Oops.

Oh, a little baby photo bomb.

Photo bomb
And then here's the guest room:

New guest room

It's a HUGE disaster right now. All the aforementioned annoying awkward stuff has been shoved in here. Painting supplies, power tools, ladder, vacuum cleaner, giveaway pile, crap I have no idea what to do with at this point. All here, where I can shut a door and keep Wade from pulling something on himself.

The plan is to paint it, but with family coming in for a wedding next week, there's just no time (have I mentioned the wedding? Oh, I so need to. I'm doing all the decor. And flowers. And photography -oh, vey! It's being so fun, but I don't have time to make painting anywhere near a priority!).  So I set the bed up (yes, by myself, cause I'm wonder woman. And impatient) and will work on shoving all the crap elsewhere for the few days. Super grateful we switched rooms now though, because we'll need to set up the pack n' play in here, and it would not have fit in the other room. Already some validation for my decision to switch. Phew. It was a good idea.

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