My house, my closet...everything I own is a curation (not a real word) of bargains and DIY projects. I love it that way - my house is completely me. Except for the mini basketball hoop in my entry - that's all Husband. 

Recently I went shopping with someone who is redecorating their house and they put everything they liked in the cart and spend over $500. That is a completely foreign concept to me. I'm not even sure I could do it. Wait, no, I could. Totally could. But I think I'd end up with things that I didn't love. My house wouldn't be me, it'd be the _____ collection from ______. 

So here are my finds from this week. We got our biggest snowfall of the year, so the Wade and I have been heading to the playground known as Target - which means we have some great clearance steals. 

This is a fireplace screen turned baby gate. $24:

Keeping my eye on it to go on an even bigger clearance, I'm confident that will happen. Added plus, it makes great tingy noises when tiny hands strum it. The bottom supports come off easily and I could easily attach it to the wall with some hinges - but Wade is a champ at the stairs, this is just to corral him. Maybe with #2 we'll secure it to the wall. It does span the whole opening so Wade can lean on it and it won't fall down the stairs...cause that'd kind of defeat the purpose. And I could not a get a picture without a Wade and a Stella butt. Not in the cards. 

Another Target clearance. Hurricane candle jar $7.

Not sure if I'm keeping it. It needs a plant in it. Don't you think?

A short little picture ledge for $3: 

Yes please. I don't even know where I want to put this yet. But it's a convenient size to nestle in just about anywhere. 

Wall shelves for $8: 

Most likely putting these in the master bathroom. I've been wanting to do these IKEA ones, but that hasn't happened yet and just the brackets would be more than these. 

And then there is this lovely:

I am SO excited for this. It came from Hobby Lobby. It's a splurge for $30. I can think of at least six places I want to hang it, but I think it'll end up in the stairwell. I also could not get a picture of this without a Wade helping.

And then here's the #1 find of the week:

The box to my iPhone. Wade found it in a drawer and it has provided hours of entertainment. Opening, closing, sticking pom poms in. Every time I get him out of his crib he beelines for this magical piece of packaging.

Like I said, we've taken to the indoors as winter takes one last whack at us (hopefully this is the last one!). But soon it'll be garage sale season! Now that's where the good finds come from :).

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