Nautical Guest Bath

This week we're going on a little bathroom tour of my house. Oh man, exciting, I know.

We'll start with the guest bath, cause it's the cutest. And the most "done." It ended up very themed, which I think I'm okay with.

guest bath

Iron your shower curtain girl! I know, I know! I put it up wrinkled thinking shower steam would let it out, but we never use this bathroom! Some one come visit and take a nice hot shower at my house!

Let's take a quick look at the before so you can fully appreciate this transformation. Here it is on day one:

lime green before guest bath

Lime green. Very lime green. Since we live in a townhouse none of our bathrooms have windows, not a big deal, except when you're trying to take a decent picture OR when you're completely enclosed with lime green walls and they engulf you! Bouncing the awful color off of one another with absolutely no escape.  Okay, this needed to go. This was actually the very first thing we painted in the house. Not that the offensiveness offended us very often, since (as previously stated) we rarely use this room.

The decor was all inspired by this painting:

velvet pirate picture

It is a painting on velvet. Yes, velvet. I have to dust/vacuum it. So weird. But, really, so cool.

This belonged to Husband's great uncle and it was always Husband's favorite growing up. When Uncle Dale passed we picked up two paintings, this one (Husband's favorite) and a floral one (Uncle Dale's favorite) which also hangs in a bathroom...I suddenly feel weird about that. I love having these reminders of him around. He had no children/grandchildren of his own, so he was very part of Husband's childhood, like a third grandparent on that side. He helped us financially get into this house and I am so grateful for that.

Okay, getting all deep in a bathroom post.

When Husband first said he wanted this picture, pretty sure I rolled my eyes. It's a velvet pirate picture. But it has since grown on me and is one of my favorites as well. It's art that has special meaning for us - that's what I want to fill our home with. And what little boy doesn't want a pirate picture in his bathroom?!

Here are a few other details of the room:

details on the counter

My friend gave me the red ceramic coral thing - she works with a designer and got this as a sample. How cool is that? I have a designer sample in my house. Yeah, no biggie. Oh, and this little ship in a bottle I got on my very first time into West Elm and it was on ultra clearance for $0.97.

Let's take a closer look at what great bargain shopping can buy you:

$0.97 West Elm boat in a bottle

Less than a dollar people!

And then there's this rug. Every once in a while I want to pull it into another room or buy another one. You know you've got something good when you want it in multiple places in your house.

metal geometric orb

And yes, that is a hair tie on the cabinet knobs. Childproofing at its classiest.

When I say this bathroom is the most done - it still needs some work. Apply some new cock in places (mostly to cover up their bad paint job and some lime green still poking through - grr), and hanging up some new hardware. In a dream world I'd paint the vanity, but I don't think that'll happen while we live here.

And onto the powder room tomorrow.

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