This week: March 18

Wade has a double ear infection. That pretty much sums up our week. I think other things happened...

Husband went golfing for the first time this season! He could barely sleep the night before.

Husband had a birthday! We didn't do much. I think that's adulthood. That and the sick kid. We sort of celebrated last Saturday and we're sort of celebrating this Saturday - basically he's milking it and getting three birthday breakfasts out of me.

A complete stranger assumed I was pregnant. Guess I'm there.

We went to IKEA. I arranged a babysitter so I could go get some cabinets. They didn't have what I needed so I had to go back with Wade. Luckily he was an awesome helper.  

I knocked some stuff off my spring cleaning/get done before the baby list. And added on more things to the list than I knocked off. Pictures to come.

We went to a car show. I do not think I've ever seen Wade happier. We let him run free and finger print all the shiny cars. He would randomly let out shrieks of pure enjoyment. Best car show ever.

And I pulled my camera out and took a few pictures:

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