This week: March 11

This week:

On our last SUPER cold day Wade and I went to the grocery store and our car wouldn't start when we came back out. Ideal situation - 8 degrees outside, a trunk full of groceries (at least I knew they'd keep fine) and a one year old stuck in a parking lot. Awesome.

We had an amazing man from our ward come and save us from the above situation. I still need to make him thank you brownies - which really isn't enough of a thank you.

While waiting for our hero, Wade and I went back into the grocery store and I let him wonder. Through some random day events, Wade was still in his jammies at 2 pm. Dirty jammies. They had yogurt on them and a sizable amount of banana squished on the side. We were a class act. Wade grabbed a thing of yogurt, it was too heavy, he dropped it and it broke. I bought it, cause I'm not going to let me kid run rampant and leave the store with the bill. It was a $7 thing of yogurt.

The weather has warmed up (after that cruddy, cold, car stopping day)! We've been going outside a bunch and just loving it.

Stella has been getting a bath a day - at least - with the thawing, post winter bog that is our neighborhood.

Wade has an unquenchable desire to go into the street - likely only because I'm trying to direct him away. The will of a one year old.

Along with the above, Wade will only hold my hand for balance if I go wherever he wants to go, if I try to corral him anywhere the gig is up.

Wade has started making "b" sounds.

I rearranged the linen/medicine closet right after Wade handed me a bottle of Tylenol. It was sealed and unopened, but all such things are now out of reach. After organizing and throwing away collected garbage (why do I collect trash places?) I have two completely empty shelves! I imagine they will soon have Wade treasures occupying them.

Stella has started unabashedly taking snacks off of Wade's table upstairs. I caught her twice and she didn't even look guilty.

I've been having headaches. All I can take is Tylenol. I might as well empty the bottle on my head, call it a cranial massage and see if it's more effective.

I made myself a to-do list that is impossibly long for one week - the warm weather makes me want to do everything! Spring cleaning and organizing mixed with nesting instincts setting in - oh my.

Bryan has his (hopefully) last league basketball game tonight. They're in the playoffs and if they lose then their out. He's hoping they lose so he can just be done.

Bryan is getting his golf clubs ready to go for this weekend!

Currently, right this second while I write this, Wade found all the picture CD's from my mission and is playing with them on the floor. Isn't it terrible that I'm willing to sacrifice the potential loss of two years of memories for his momentary happiness (aka: not bugging me)? 

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