This week: March 4

This week:

Wade gave me a piece of Chex cereal to eat from his hand. I ate it, and unknowingly created a monster. Now I am expected to eat everything those grubby hands offer me.

Wade has continued to throw things down the stairs. He especially loves standing on the landing while we toss pillows up for him to watch as they fall down.

Husband, Wade, Stella and I all took a Sunday afternoon nap at the same time. It was amazing.

I vacuumed my counters. Twice.

Wade has been taking random little rests all over the house. Run, run, run, run, run...take a little break:

Wade decided that the new storage spot for Husband's basketball is in the washing machine.

I made a Wade a ribbon box:

Wade completely tore apart the rock boot holder thing I made this summer. I threw away the rocks, but am still finding them everywhere. In shoes, the washing machine and the toilet.

All the toilets now have locks on them.

Wade came out of the bathroom holding the toilet brush like a king with his scepter.

I discarded all the toilet bowl brushes.

I made this:

I'm calling it art because it's on a canvas, but it's really just a silly craft to hang on the play room wall.

I tried introducing Wade to coloring, but he just wanted to dump the crayons out and stand on the paper.

Wade chewed on his shoe at church and got black all over his face:

We've been going to stores and using them like a play place (cause there aren't any in Northfield!). I just follow him while he walks around:

Husband and I went to a Minnesota Wild hockey game and all I could think about the whole time was food.

I am no longer morning sick (knock on wood) but still have to eat a lot and frequently. Keeping Wade and me both fed is a full time job.

I discovered that Wade can eat his weight in butterfly pasta.

Wade discovered that he can make noises by covering/uncovering his mouth with his hand. And I have a video that I can't figure out how to load...fail!

I watered a plant and didn't know it leaked because our passports soaked up all the excess water. FAIL! They're hanging up to dry in the bathroom. That's what I get for watering my plants! Or for not putting our passports away for almost a month - oops! 

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