This week: 17 June 2015

I'm getting this up late tonight!

Wade staying up late to watch the NBA finals with Dada. All of Husband's dreams are coming true right here.

I made an announcement yesterday that we're moving - see it here. We've been ultra busy getting projects done. You know, the half done things we've been living with for a year - many of which take minimal time to complete.

1. Okay, the first one isn't a house project. I was just proud of this cute grad gift I whipped up. Thank you Pinterest.
2. I painted the baseboards in our bathroom (they were PINK!) and taping behind this toilet in my current elephant state (at least I'm still a land animal - the whale is coming soon) was the most awkward and difficult thing I've done. Ever.
3. Oh, and this last picture is SUPER exciting. This is the last little bit of orange left in my house - hurray! Downside is that it's the "same" color as our entry, so I covered up some scuffs. It's not the exact same color, or maybe it's just a different sheen...regardless, I get to repaint the entry. Sarcastic hurray!

I also finished painting a blue accent wall in our master bath, cleaned a ton of paint from the formers off the bathroom fixtures (rubbing alcohol...it's amazing. I'll post pictures when we're done), finished the backsplash and Husband fixed the garage door. Say what?!

I didn't read any books this week. See above. I started The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. Enjoyable, but not a can't-put -it-down book.

This week has been hot. Husband tells me it has been pleasant - summer pregnancy.

I snapped on the way to the grocery store this week. Wade broke down as we left the house - I'm not sure if it was because it was raining, or we left the dog, or that I put the wrong shoes on him...who knows. He also might have been tired from the 13 tantrums he'd thrown already that morning. Two days before he had gotten shots - so I was trying to be understanding, but what a stinker! I dragged him to the car (cause I can't carry him much anymore) and by then we were both crying. I called a friend and asked her if she could take him while I went to the store. She was more than happy to. I could either have a grumpy toddler or be huge pregnant with twins, but I just couldn't do both.

I ended up blowing off the grocery store and walking around Target for 30 minutes. Sometimes that's all a mama needs.

In my Target therapy session I found these lovely jars:

I guess they were an online items that had been returned, so they were $6.50. Thank you, I'll take 'em! I had been wanting two of these, but there were three...and the last one looked lonely, all marked down and such. So I bought it - future unknown.

Not all these need captions - they're just Wade being Wade.
2. We tired him out so much one night that he slept while being carried in from the car!
4. A crazy hair knot I discovered at church. I guess if I'm going to be bad about cutting his hair I at least need to comb it.

Wade has decided that clothes are for losers. He comes up to me pulling on his shirt and I oblige and take it off. Cause clothes are kind of the pits. And what's cuter than a diaper clad baby running amuck? I am worried that he'll be one obstacle closer to diaper removal...

Wade's been helping me put things away/get things. When he wants to go outside (all the time), he brings me his shoes and he puts them away afterwards! When he wants to eat he'll run and grab a plate. And when I empty the dishwasher I leave all his dishes and the tupperware for him to put away. He loves it! I know this is developmentally normal, but it's awesome to experience with my kiddo. Still working on him not grabbing dirty dishes and putting those away.

I had a doctor's appointment today. I hate them. This was even a fun ultrasound one where I got to see the girls. But it was THREE HOURS LONG! Who has that kind of time?! Oh, and I have to have another one in three weeks. Along with a visit to my regular OB in-between. Grrrr. Both girls are measuring a week ahead at 28 weeks - but their heads are both measuring in at 29.5 weeks - at least Wade will have company.

I'm officially into the third trimester! This is when regular pregnant ladies start getting really uncomfortable. Woohoo for me! Crazy to think that full-term (36 weeks with twins) is now in the single digits. Whew...I didn't actually realize that until right now.

I've resigned to belly shirts - but only around the house, cause ain't nobody wants to see that! Not even Husband, but too bad mister.

I put Wade down for a nap yesterday and debating joining him in a snooze or working on house projects. I decided I better work on the house. I sat down to touch up some baseboards and realized I needed a screwdriver. But I was already sitting. I gave into the snooze idea for three minutes right there on the floor before I worked up the gumption to go get a screwdriver.

Well, I'm off to bed. Just as soon as I find the gumption to walk up the stairs....

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