Pack your bags...

We're moving!

Okay, we're at about 90% on the whole moving decision. But I'm just too excited at the prospect, that I couldn't keep it to myself anymore.

We're buying Husband's parents house. They're working out in Virginia and planned to sell their house in early 2016, simply cause that's when work would slow down for them enough to deal with selling a house. But we started talking and we're buying it this summer!

Like I said, we're like 90%, until papers are signed things could happen - just like with any house.

Currently we plan on moving mid-July. Cause that's totally what I should be doing 30 weeks pregnant. Luckily we have great friends to help and I went crazy organizing when I first found out about the babies - so lots is already ready to go. Plus we'll be able to move in a little slower, since we'll have access to it before our house sells.

There are always sad things about moving - first and foremost, the people here! I'll be sad to leave them, for sure - but we'll only be 30 minutes away. We weighed the decision a lot, and there are so many pluses. Husband will be six minutes from work, we'll live so close to people Husband grew up with, along with lots of our friends and we'll have about double the space (DOUBLE!). Also, Husband's dad built this house - so excited to keep it in the family.

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