This week: 3 June 2015

This is Bear. It's Wade's car buddy. Today Wade escaped with Bear and took him on a walk.

Have you noticed that I post a lot of pictures of the back of Wade's head? I have. I'm always running after this kid. Just trying to keep up.

Wade's started saying "ta-da!" Um, it's adorable. When he's "accomplished" something I hear him say it - so now I get a glimpse into what he views as an accomplishment. Sometimes its completing a tower or successfully getting food on his fork. Other times he simply pressed a button or pulled everything out of a cupboard - which is apparently worth a "ta-da!" in his book. Here are the best two from this week:

  • I heard him say "ta-da!" from the laundry room (this happens a lot), but then he came out looking very distressed and I heard the washer going! I figured he put his stacking cups in and he was worried for there well being. I went in to rescue them to find an entire load of laundry in the washing machine! It was sorted, so I just added soap. Thanks little man.
  • Husband was changing Wade's diaper. A poopy diaper (that NEVER happens, let's pause from this story to appreciate that moment). Just as Husband starts telling my about what a nasty load it is Wade exclaims "ta-da!"

We've gone to the lake twice. He's in love. And frequently steals everyone's buckets. We bought some more, but I'm sure it will only minimize, not eliminate the bucket stealing.

Wade's been waving bye-bye when I put him down for his naps or bed. 

He thinks he can take stairs like a big kid. He can't. Not without mom's help - which I'm working on not carrying him as much, so I help. It's the only way to get anywhere on any type of timeline. He thinks it is THE COOLEST!

1 - Wade being adorable. 2 - Standing on his bike and putting all the laundry detergent pods into the lid. The bike and pods have both been moved. 3 - And he finally {sort of} figured out his little bike! For more than just a stool to get to laundry pods.

And finishing off with some Chick-Fil-A fry dunking. After every bite he said "Mmmm!" Only bites that he takes by himself gets this stamp of satisfaction. Including the puddles we find on our walks. "Mmmm, mmmm!" (yes, puddles get two ).

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. The girls both look good. They're both head down - which can still change between now and their arrival. I have a more in-depth ultrasound (again) next week. Seeing these babes is fun, but I hate going to so many appointments. What a drag. 

I finally finished recovering our dining room chairs. Only took me 17 months. I had two recovered, but wasn't sure how the fabric would hold up, so I didn't do the rest. Well, they held up fine for the last year and a half, so I went ahead and did the rest. And I don't have any pictures - only pictures of my kid. I'm that mom. And by that mom, I mean every mom. Really whenever I remember to take a picture it's dark out or my table is covered!

I've started waking up to roll over. I'm still sleeping great (one of my talents), a few times recently I go to roll over and it takes me a bit to groggily remember that I'm huge pregnant.

I've started reading more. Remembering how much I love it! It's helping my stave off the mental boredom that comes with being physically restricted (just tired, nothing doctor ordered). Anyone have any good recommendations?

Husband and I have been cooking (and grilling) up a storm. We've been switching up the normal and branching. Grilled pineapple and banana, Brazilian lemonade (made with limes - weird),  coconut rice - okay so everything is a little tropical. Guess we're ready for summer!

Oh, and we've been downing the milkshakes. We add banana's to justify. One of the perks of having a crazy fast metabolism (husband) and growing two humans (me). We're buying the gallon tubs.

Have a good week! And really, book recommendations?!

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  1. Melissa, go onto Good Reads website and you'll find me and Stephanie Oelkers. We have recommendations. Also, the site builds a profile and bases it's recommendations for you that generates interesting titles. Also, get a Dakota County library card ... I'll tell you why.