Diary of Wade: 18 months

Today I am one and a half years old!

At church I went to nursery. Dada dropped me off and I cried. But my Mama's friend was in there and she hung out with me. Then she left and I cried a whole bunch, cause I was tired and everyone left me! So Dada came back in for a while. We started coloring and then I was okay. I made this:

After coloring we had juice. It was mmmm - mmm! I liked being with all the other kids. But I was so excited to see Mama when she came to get me! And then I saw Dada and I ran to him! On the way home I took a nap. Nursery was fun, but exhausting. 

Mama says I'm officially her toddler - but she still calls me her baby. She's so confusing. 

Now that I'm a toddler I can go down the stairs facing forwards. Sometimes Mama or Dada help, but I can do it by myself, too. I can also stand up in my high chair now so that I can play with the light switch on the wall behind me. Oh, and I can get up on our couches! Well, most of the time - sometimes I need a boost or I have to pull a pillow over. 

I still like stacking, a lot. And I love playing outside and in the water. I bring Mama my shoes so she can put them on me and we can go outside to play. Sometimes we get in the car and drive to really fun places to play - like the lake! The lake has sand and water and it's the most fun place to be in the whole wide world. 

Today I tried to say bubbles like Mama, I almost got it. Mostly I say ta-da, mmmm, and uh-oh. I also say Dada, Mama and doggy. Mostly I point, which usually works, but sometimes it's super frustrating cause Mama and Dada are sort of slow. Sometimes they can't figure out what I want, even though I'm pointing right at it! And sometimes I'm pretty sure they know what I want and just ignore me. Parents are tough. 

So far, I like being a toddler.

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