This week: 5.20.15

It's been a few weeks! Wade and I went to visit my parents in Nevada and then lots of other family and friends in Utah. 10 days. It was delightful. And exhausting. Course everything is exhausting right now. 

I'll post about the trip real soon. So many pictures - still just of Wade, but with grandma and grandpa! But around here there is regular Wade stuff going on: 

Grandma got Wade new blocks, another thing to stack. 
Wade discovered a sandbox in Utah, so when we got home I pulled out his diggers and showed him how to dig in a big flower pot (I probably don't want him learning that...), but he mostly enjoyed Stella's outdoor water bowl. What is so exciting about dog dishes?
I keep finding this little kiddo reading his books. And he keeps bringing them for me to read. This is an activity I can keep up with. 
Whenever Stella starts eating Wade HAS to go help her. He is so annoying. This is me stopping him. I'm such a mean mom. 

I went to a baby shower and brought Wade home a balloon. 

Is there anything better than a kid and his balloon?

In a moment of weakness I showed Wade how the lights on our bedside tables work. Did I become a mom yesterday?!

We now have a pretty regular light show going on at our house. 

Wade REALLY wants to do stairs like a big kid. 

Every time we go downstairs he has to do this dance before he gives up and goes down on his belly.

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