A few weeks ago I was trying with all my might to not overload on buying baby clothes. We weren't sure it was twin girls - but the possibility? So hard to not buy cute matching everything. But I withheld (for the most part), but my not buying adorable sets of things did translate into buying pillows. I bought 6 pillows and made one in a week span. Oh my. 

In my defense, four were on 75% off clearance at Target and the other two were each a dollar at Goodwill. And during this time I only bought four items of baby clothes that were 90% off Easter clearance - so I'm calling it a win. 

Oh, but that not buying baby stuff....

That didn't last. It's yard sale season. When sellers find out I'm having twin girls, their eyes light up thinking I'll buy ALL their girl stuff or they try to "help" me by piling on all their girl stuff - but I know what I'm doing! I also bought Wade a few toys (what? not just tupperware?) - he immediately cared more about putting them in a box than stacking them. 

Wade also had some finds this week:

He found playing cards - three decks are now officially his. It's a pretty good tactic - I find, I ruin, they're mine. We also are continuously finding cards everywhere now too. He found a dandelion. He found a friend at the park - and he found sand! He found all my picture CD's. He continues to find potatoes, granola bars, onions and fruit snacks in my pantry. Just like the cards, I'm finding random food everywhere too. I can never trust that I'm out of anything until I've checked the crock pot, KitchenAid bowl and lid drawer. 

And Husband got an anemone! 

He's been wanting one and guy at work had a few, so he GAVE him one. How cool is that? Oh, you have no idea cause you're not a fish person (cause no one is!)? It's pretty cool. As much as I tolerate Husband's tank (it being in my dining room, the time it takes, the money it takes, and the supplies everywhere), it's looking pretty awesome.

Well, it's Friday and Wade just woke up from his nap - guess that means it's time to go troll for yard sales!!


  1. My husband wants a saltwater tank so bad but one of his friends told him how much they spend on theirs each month and it made him reconsider! Haha
    Looks like you are hitting the jackpot at yard sales!

  2. I have to say that twin girls are SO MUCH FUN to shop for. I've added your blog to our list of bloggers expecting multiples at http://list.ly/list/dxt-mommy-and-daddy-blogs-by-expectant-parents-of-multiples.