This week: 15 July 2015

Look at these Wade snuggles! And that belly.

This week. Whew. To concisely sum in up (wait, me, concise?!): Wade tantrums, heartburn, and house listed.

Yup, we got our house up! Only a week later than planned - I feel okay about that. Here's the Zillow listing, if you want to take a look. As I went and took pictures of our house I realized I need to update the house tour page and do a couple of posts of some rooms! I really love all the work we've done on this place - and it actually makes me sad that some spaces didn't reach their full potential, ha!!

I posted our completed kitchen earlier this week. Here it is if you missed it.

Wade's taken to munching on ice cubes. He then puts his freezing little fingers on me - usually when I'm going to the bathroom (cause going to the bathroom is not a solo activity with a toddler). It's his payback for all the diaper changes I've done with cold hands. *speaking of, I just had an icy hand reach up and touch my arm*

Husband and I game planned some courses of action for disciplining Wade. See the week sum up above, lots of tantrums. We don't want to be the parents of "that" kid, which we might already be. And we're naive hopefuls. It's actually going okay, the main issues are me catching him to dispense discipline and him laughing in my face.

We went to the pool with our friends - everyone in the bike cart! There was also a kid trailing along on his scooter and me cutting through the complex carrying inner tubes and life preservers, just adding to the ridiculousness that is me in a swimsuit. Wade was so excited to hang out with his friends. Suddenly it was 7:30 and we had played the day away. Makes me all the more excited about the move, cause I'll be six minutes away from them!

Wade prefers to drink from my glass or water bottle, cause it totally tastes better. I thought he wasn't backwashing anymore. I realized this week that that isn't the case. Ewww. 

This kid has been all shenanigans recently. He pushed his stroller over to the light switches. He climbed in the dishwasher (which, I left open as I went to the bathroom, stupid mom). He brings me his shoes to put on him, but when I don't he's started trying to figure out how to put them on himself. He's been doing the catwalk on the table (one of the discipline things we're working on). This doesn't include him climbing the shelves in his room, trying to climb out of the tub, bolting whenever an opportunity to go outside presents itself. Oh, or starting to figure out his diaper, namely the taking it off part. 

I discovered that Husband is a magician. Wade woke up before 6 am one morning (ugh!) and Husband went in and gave him headrubs. The kid fell back asleep until 9 am. It was glorious! And Wade was in such a good (decent) mood cause he'd actually slept enough! 

Beside being the household Merlin, Husband has been a little stressed. Getting this house ready to sell, listing it, getting all the paperwork together for us to buy his parents, working full time, taking care of Wade when he gets home, taking care of me when he gets home (cause I'm basically an invalid with hormonal mood swings). But he holds his stress like Legolas the Elf holds his liquor. I'm wondering if we took on too much (which we totally did), but he's just shouldering everything. And he's still manages to get in a little golf. 

Okay, the rest of this is about pregnancy and the girls, just a warning. 

First off, heartburn. Everything and nothing gives me heartburn. Some people get it really bad, I'm luckily not one of those people. I'm just a baby and don't know how to deal with stomach issues. 

Along with heartburn I've had some first trimester morning sickness symptoms return. Rude. Now I can't reach anything and I don't feel good. It's not terrible, more annoying. Makes sense since someone (Blake) is always kicking my squashed stomach. 

I got a leg cramp one morning so bad that I let out a little scream. Husband bolted awake thinking I was in labor. He had to help me work out the cramp and I had a knot in my leg for two days. Now I'm making sure I'm eating a banana a day, in hopes of no repeats. 

I had an ultrasound. Both girls are measuring two weeks ahead and weighing in at about 4.5 lbs. Baby B (Blake) had some extra fluid last time that they wanted to keep an eye on. Her fluid is still high, but now Baby A (Jacqueline) also has high fluid. At this point they're more worried about if one was super high and one was super low, but still keeping a close eye on everything. I was huge with Wade too, so I wonder if he had high fluid as well? Maybe that's just how I carry? Other than the extra fluid, they both look fantastic! Moving around, fluids going through their little systems correctly, practicing breathing, blood flowing through their hearts and through their umbilical cords. Now they just need to plump up some more! In a month they could get here and be totally healthy! How crazy is that? Wow, wait...that is too crazy. 

Hope everyone else had a great week! Perhaps your's including going to the bathroom in privacy and no floatie's in your drink :). 

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