This week: 22 July 2015

Nana and Papa left this week - Wade was sure to wave goodbye. 

He was also sorts of helpful this week. Helping my pack by climbing up the step stool and toasting the bananas. He also ate 1.5 banana's ...or I might find them in a box when I unpack.
He helped me lick off the brownie batter of the mixers - what am I going to do with three kids and only two mixer things (what are they called?!).
He helped me drink my Costco berry smoothie. And by help, I mean that he drank about 3/4 of it.
Okay, the last one isn't him helping me (cause the other ones were) but he's figured out to climb into the bathroom sink. Awesome.

Husband went golfing...a lot this week. But he set a new personal record of ...okay, I forgot what it was. Fail. But then he went on to break his new PR! I think he's shooting an 84 right now.

We've moved two car loads over to the new house! I'm totally overwhelmed. My in-laws did a lot, but it's still a total disaster. Hurray for cleaning up their mess, moving out more of their stuff, taking care of a toddler, growing two humans, keeping my house clean for showings, moving boxes over a carload at a time and trying to put things away in the new place. Okay, so I've got a little chip on my shoulder right now. But it'll all turn out okay right? Lie to me and say it's going to be fine. Thanks.

Also, I might need to paint the girls room before I can set anything up. Ugh. The whole upstairs has to be painted, along with the kitchen/dining/living room. Most of it will have to wait, but I just want my nursery!!

In the last week we've had 4 showings of our house! Someone told me today that the golden number is 10 showings  - lets do this!

I painted my toes! Well, I'm in the process, cause apparently it's a several day ordeal. Sunday I cut and shaped them. Today I took off the old polish and put on the base coat. Now I'm telling myself that I like the clear color until I muster the gumption to paint them.

I got burnt today. Like real bad. Pregnant skin. Oops.

Okay, baby stuff:

At my doctor's appointment this week the scale originally showed that I lost over 10 pounds. Interesting to watch all the nurses try to act calm but totally freaking out. I keep telling them that there was no way I lost 10 pounds, trust me. They restarted the scale and all was fine. I officially weigh more than Husband now - hopefully that'll be the only time in our lives that I'll say that.

Braxton-hicks. Let's talk about those. They're CRAZY! My uterus is so big and so full that each one is just insane. I found myself at 1:00 am the other day searching the difference between BH contractions and the real thing, they were that strong. With Wade I kept them at bay by staying super hydrated, but I cannot stay hydrated enough right now! Doesn't help that water gives me heartburn, that's the coolest. But at least when I have one it gives my abs a nice little break.

Speaking of abs, mine are split down the middle. Super common. Annoying, but whatever. Well, they've spread so far apart that when the girls move all that is between me and them is my skin and their placenta - it is downright alien! It simultaneously is the coolest and the creepiest thing.

Now let me tell you about sleeping while 33 weeks with twins. First off, my stomach is so huge that I don't need a pillow to wedge under my belly, it just lays to the side. Second, I'm so hot that I don't even sleep with a sheet, making awkward rolling around uninhibited. Oh, and rolling. When I realize I want to roll over I sit up, stumble to the bathroom to pee, climb back in bed and lay down the other way.

Until next week! Hoping I have enough done that I feel calmer. Probably not.

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  1. I was telling Kyle last night, you know how when you're lying in bed the places you have to work the hardest to "get comfortable" are places where you have bones? Your arms, your back, shoulders, etc. You would never say, for example, "I just can't get my belly comfortable right now." Except, now my belly is full of bones too...