Diary of Wade: newborn sisters


I have new sisters! Their names are Jacqueline Kay and Blake Elizabeth. They are boring. All they do is sleep, eat, cry and poop (which is odd cause every morning mom complains about how they didn't sleep!). For such boring humans, mom sure spends a lot of time with them. I'm way more fun (and I sleep at night!).

While mom's busy with sisters, I've been keeping super busy too. Climbing onto the counters to play in sinks (bathroom and kitchen). Playing in the trash. Emptying Kleenex boxes one tissue at a time. Playing in toilets. All important stuff for a big boy to do - and I can get away with it cause mom's outnumbered, ha!

Things are definitely squishier. And we don't go as much, but we've still been on walks and to the store - but not enough for my taste. We always need to get home for sisters to eat - I'm all about food, but they're kind of ridiculous.

Luckily Nana Wright was here when sisters were born and Grandma Bankhead was here for two weeks just to play with me. I've had so much fun with both of them! Mom can have more sisters if she wants, cause grandma's have been a blast.

Moms been saying "no" a lot more. She says no to things like pulling on the blankets sisters are laying on, pulling on their bows and laying on top of them. I'm just trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do with these girls. Sheesh!

I do love to give them "keesses."

And I like helping mom by getting blankets and throwing away diapers.

Jacqueline (right in the above picture) is the pig. She's already put on a few pounds since birth - she's already graduated to size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes. She likes sitting up and laying on her tummy. She's kind of gross too, she spits up a lot and fart all the time (which I think is funny).

Blake (left) is mom's angel baby (not sure how Jacqueline and I should feel about that). She like laying on the play mat and looking toys. Sometimes when she gets real mad she'll forget to breath for a second.

Told you they were boring! Mom says someday they'll be fun, but in the mean time I just grab my shoes 20 times a day and ask if we can "go."

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  1. So cute, Moe! You make me laugh. I can't imagine having twins- one baby at a time is hard enough (with a toddler to boot)! Good thing you are so amazingly awesome!