This week: 6 Aug 2015

Disclaimer: no pictures again. Internet limbo. 

The weather here is perfect this week. Sunny days and cooled off nights. Sleeping with the windows open. It's delightful. 

We moved!! Mostly. We're moving! Ha. This whole thing has been a process, but we're sleeping at the new house and I'm able to putter around organizing during the day. The kitchen is moved completely in (update: I just found another box of food, grrr). The bathrooms are organized - even though most of the stuff is still boxed up...why do we have that crap? And our closets are mostly put together - yes, closets! Husband and I have our own closets! We haven't moved any of our furniture over, so clothing organization is a little make shift right now, but we can find everything we need to. 

Now to start making the place cute. 

I've started decorating the girls room. It's adorable. Really sorry about no pictures this week, cause you need to see it. I just need to hang curtains! Hurray for having space for a nursery and actually setting it up BEFORE my babies are born. 

Okay, enough house stuff. 

Wade is testing his limits. He figured out how to get onto the kitchen counter, climb out of his highchair, open the front door, move chairs to reach light switches, turn the bathtub faucet on and climb into the tub. And he's fast! Ever so fast. Doesn't help that I'm slow. Just waiting for the day when he finds the knives or I find him fully clothed giving himself a bath. 

He's saying more words! Don't worry, his main form of communication is still the frustrating point and yell. But he says cheese, bath, thank you, all done and a few other things. Now these aren't exactly clear words - um, not at all. But he's mimicking us and figuring out how to communicate. We're excited! 

Husband is getting a new tank this weekend. He's way excited. My mind is all on babies and moving in, his mind is completely occupied with his tank. It's going to be huge. I think double his current tank? I'm still not sure why I said yes. Storing this one away for future leverage. 

I went in Sunday night for false labor. Obviously I didn't know it was false labor at the time! I was having regular contractions for hours! I'm only 33 weeks (side note: somewhere my due date got mixed up, it's been fixed now, but I've been 33 weeks for 3 weeks now!!) so we went in, hoping that if it was labor it was early enough that they could stop it. We got there and the contractions got further apart and irregular - at least they were close and consistent for a little bit so I didn't look completely foolish. They said it was probably dehydration. I cannot stay hydrated with these little ladies! I drink over 100 oz a day and bring multiple water bottles with me anywhere I go. Thank goodness everything was alright. We got home around 3 am. Wade woke up at 5:35 am. We were so tired!! 

This false labor kicked me into high gear of getting things ready. Cause as I stood in the kitchen ready to go to the hospital I started crying (hormones) cause I'm not ready! I cried about Wade waking up to a stranger (one of his favorite people ended up coming over, so that calmed my nerves immensely), I cried that the nursery wasn't set up, I cried that my wonderful friend is throwing me a baby shower and I wouldn't go to it, and I cried that my hair looked stupid. Cause the really important things come to the surface at times like these. So this week I'm setting up the nursery, I'm making sure my hair gets done and (most importantly) I'm making sure to spent as much time with Husband and Wade. I'm not ready to let go of them being my whole world. I'm not quite ready to share. I know as soon as these lovely little girls get here there will be more space in my heart, but right now I can't comprehend that. Right now I want to enjoy my little family. And grateful to have at least a few more weeks until we'll be enjoying our big family :). 

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