This week: October 14

Here's my favorite shot that I took this week. I really enjoy pretending to be a photographer.

So we didn't move up last Saturday. Boo. But there was just so much time sensitive stuff for the sell of our house/purchase of our new house that we needed to get focus on. We're planning for this weekend, but people are pretty busy, so it's looking grimm. At least there's a deadline, if it doesn't happen this weekend it has to happen by October 28 - after that it won't be ours, so we have to be moved by then. Right?! Someday I'll sleep in my king bed again and eat on my dining room table.

On a more positive note - my whole family is coming to Minnesota for Christmas - tickets have been bought! I am so excited.

The girls slept for seven hours one night. SEVEN! Jacqueline has done it twice. Can you guess my favorite child right now?

Wade's been saying more words - but they only make sense if you know what the words are. And even then it's iffy. "Go" means go as well as all cars and trucks. "Bee" is bee and all bugs, plus "B" is baby. We've got some caregorizing issues apparently. He's been repeating things back to me more - pretty, mouth, teeth. And he's got meow, neigh and baa down. But the majority of the day is a constant loop of doggie, hi, bye, uh-oh, go and mmm.

Wade got his toothbrush stuck down the sink. It's still there. We have two sinks in the bathroom (thank goodness) and we've been so busy that it's been put on the back burner. 

The girls got to meet grandpa Abele for the first time.

And they're in 3-6 month clothes. How did that happen? They both wriggle up in their naps to where they're off their blanket or head butting the wall. When Blake gets really mad she can roll over - or get to where she can kick her sister.

Both girls smiled at me this week. I think they were both on purpose.

Wade's been testing out the girls equipment. He knows he's not suppose to, but I keep coming into room finding him in their stuff and smiling his naughty smile.

He's also become quite a sock thief.

Wade sure loves his sisters. He'll come up to me and put his arms out and I tell him to get on the couch and he'll spread his arms to each side while I put the girls there. Often he loves them a little too much - but they can fight back a little now, hair pulling. They're real good at that (which is why my hair is ALWAYS back!).

And I decorated for Halloween!! I put it off cause I wanted our stuff here, I feel like I have no where to put anything. But I decided to put some stuff out, and turns out I put out everything cause this house is huge and swallows up decor. Guess I'll need to add to my collection with some after holiday clearance for next year :).

Speaking of Halloween - some punk teenagers tried to steal out pumpkins last night! They made it off with one. Stella barked like the good guard dog she is (ha!) and woke up the girls. The wrath of a woman scorned is nothing compared to the wrath of a mama whose babies have been awoken! Bryan chased after them (pretty sure they didn't anticipate having a fast guy living here) and scared the begeebies out of them.

This week I'm feeling grateful. Well, I'm working on feeling grateful. I am so ready to be a month out from now. I'm ready for the girls to be sleeping better and be more interactive. I'm ready to be moved up here and done with this transition. I'm ready for Wade's tooth to just hurry up and get all the way in. I'm ready to fit into more than 3 shirts. But there is so much to be grateful for now. I'm grateful for these early, crisp autumn days - vibrant colors and sunshine. I'm grateful that Husband tells me to go away a few times a week so I can just wander in the real world without children. I'm grateful for getting somewhat adequate and predictable sleep. I'm grateful for Netflix. I'm grateful fro friends who help me so much - even though it'll be a long time before I can return the favor. So many positives. Even though a month (two months?) from now will be more manageable in a lot of ways (course there will be a whole new set of stresses that I'll want to skip over), I'm trying to enjoy the little things now.

Well, Wade's found a box of screws to play with (how dose he find this stuff?!), so I better end here this week.

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