This week: October 22

Wade, Doggie, Jacqueline, Blake

This week has been rough. Just as I was committed to limiting my Dr. Pepper.

Maybe it's because I'm in a bad mood since my day started at 5:00 am. Course I don't know if you can call it a "start" when yesterday never really "ended" since I was up with one of the girls almost every hour last night. Wade joined the nighttime party at 5:00, and that's when I gave up on assuming that my kids understand that dark = sleep. The early morning was topped with puke. Now, Wade might not be feeling wonderful, but the puke was cause he tried eating some anti-itch cream and gagged on it. The anti-itch cream is out cause I still have a hormonal rash on my face that hurts, itches and is ugly.

Maybe it's because Husband has been my only adult interaction for a week. He replaced the brakes and rotors on our cars which left me without transportation for a few days. Plus he wasn't around to help in the evenings and the weekend cause he was working on said cars.

Maybe it's because the time that Husband wasn't at work or working on cars his time was monopolized by fantasy football trades, football games, golf and his fish tank.

Maybe it's that, while Wade's vocabulary is expanding, "no" has dominated the conversation lately.

Maybe it's because even though we've all bathed today, there is an aroma of spit up, vomit, dried milk, dog breath and poop that I cannot get away from.

And maybe I'm just done living in limbo. We're moving up here completely this weekend, but it's a few days too late for my sanity. And while having all my stuff is a plus, it also means that I'll have ALL my stuff! The basement and all the storage space in the garage is filled to the brim, so I have no where to put it all.

Motherhood. Not glamorous this week.

And now all my pots, pans, tupperware and cooking sheets are now on my kitchen floor. My unswept, unmopped kitchen floor.

Even as I write this I know I have so much to be grateful for. Don't get me wrong - I'm grateful for my children, for my home, for our belongings, that Husband is SOO handy, that Husband is working so hard so I can stay home. I'm grateful that Husband that helps so much and makes sure that I get out of the house on the regular. I'm grateful I have a good group of friends here and for a car (usually) that allows me to get out to see them. Friends that entertain my toddler and hold my babies right as I walk in the door. I'm grateful that my sister-in-law called today and let me complain for a minute. I'm grateful I can afford things like itch-cream that my toddler can get into an throw up. All those things. But pointing those things out doesn't make for a good pity party. And this week, despite all the positives, I'm honestly feeling overwhelmed. And that's okay. There's always tomorrow to start limiting my Dr. Pepper.

I don't have a lot of pictures this week, cause all that pity party and feeling overwhelmed stuff really took my time. But there is this gem:

Playing outside and tasting some burnt wood from the fire pit. Why does he need to try everything right now? Everything except dinner. He never wants dinner (even if it's the same thing he LOVED for lunch).

Sheesh, he's cute.

And this one:

We were being walrus's with straws. Well, I was. He was laughing uncontrollably at me and trying to stick straws up my nose.

And Wade knows how to get onto ESPN on my phone. What?! Husband is so proud.

That's really it this week. Nothing really happened. Well, nothing ever really happens - just growing humans, nice and slow! But I am hopeful for next week - we'll have out stuff here and we'll have some halloween pictures. Doesn't get better than that!

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