This week: 13 November 2015

Happy Friday the 13th!

Look at that face. Blake hasn't been sleeping nearly as well as Jacqueline, so we've been having some good chats.

Really. That face!

Everyone was sick this week. Husband started it a few weeks ago and I'm the only one who managed to stay healthy. How did that happen? I have sick people literally hanging on me, and I didn't get it. Better find some wood to knock on asap. So boogers have been added to my normal flora of grossness. No one seems to feel super nasty - maybe just hanging out at feeling 90% - but everyone has been waking up more at night. So while the mom isn't sick, the mom sure is tired.

Being a little under the weather and being a two year old has lead to a lot of moments like this:

He wanted ice. So I gave him an ice cube. He ate it/melted it pretty quickly and he wanted another one. I figured I'd be a nice mom (and save myself a trip while nursing a baby) and gave him two ice cubes. He didn't want two. He wanted one. While he was busy distressing his hands got cold and that was down right terrible. He handed me one, I set it down, he got mad cause I needed to be holding it...the world of a two year old. My my.

In the mornings I've been so tired that he's had time to explore in my room a little more. He discovered that there is stuff under the sink:

Good thing I know my kid and when I unpacked stuff I knew to put nothing hazardous anywhere within reach. So he's happy "discovering" things and I'm getting an extra 10-30 minutes of sleep. It's amazing how long hair rollers and q-tips can occupy a person.

We also made it to Costco this week, just Wade and me (Travis and Candice were in town, so they hung out with the girls while they napped...amazing!). We conquered bear mountain and touched (almost) every single christmas "wight."

I accidentally put a size 3 diaper on Jacqueline. It fit alarmingly well. Little girl, you cannot be in a size diaper that is larger than how many months old you are.

We ordered a potty! Wade's been telling me when he's gone to the bathroom for a while - after he's gone. Then on Sunday I told him that if he told me beforehand that he could go in the toilet and could flush (cause flushing is way important). Well, this kiddo understands way more than I give him credit for (maybe because he apparently doesn't understand how to leave the dog water alone) because on Monday he brought me the wipes and said poop, but there was no poop. Then he left the room, came back and there was poop! OH MY GOODNESS, I AM WRITING IN DEPTH ABOUT POOP! #motherhood. Anyways...he's been doing that a lot since, so we're going to casually start potty training, see how it goes. Only having two in diapers?! That'd be living the dream.

Speaking of the dog water (cause this is brought up EVERY WEEK) ...I caught him drinking out of the bowl like a dog. On more than one occasion this week. How often does this happen?! Way more than I'm catching him...so probably a lot? He also has been putting dog food or water in a cup and coming to me saying "no" - cause apparently since he knows it's wrong then it makes it okay to do?! I've also been getting dog food presents in my shoes. How much does my dog actually get to eat?

The girls have been playing with their toy gym a lot more. Each of them can bat the toys and grab onto some rings - it's so amazing! I swear they're doing this way before Wade did. But I honestly don't remember. They hold their heads up super well and like sitting in the bumbo seat (which distresses Wade cause it's "mine" and he tries to sit on them while they're in it) and sitting in the corners of chairs so they can be upright and look round. Also, they love to stand! They can bear their own weight if you give them balance help - it is so cute to see these little itty bitty's standing up.

Wade's been needing to "hep" with everything. Anytime I'm doing anything at the counter he tries to drag a chair over. We have two chairs at our peninsula and he never grabs the closer, easier one - he always goes for the one that is further away and gets stuck on the other chair. Why? It happens every single time - so what is the purpose that this little mind has assigned to that chair? Anyway, he helps me crack eggs (one day we shared 5 eggs cause he was too fast of me), roll crescent rolls, stir stuff, pour ingredients, put away the silverware, set the table with his plates. Oh, and we have to "hep" with laundry too. He narrates the clothes - he sometimes points out the items that belong to mommy or baby (very accurately), but every single thing that belongs to Husband he has to say "daddy."

I've continue to putter and get our house settled. I've been selling things that don't fit in this house or that we're bored with. I need to justify buying new stuff :). Dejunking is always so liberating! I'm a bazaar mix of hoarder and minimalist.

And, to end on a terrible parent note: whenever I open a can of Dr. Pepper Wade says "cup" and runs to his cabinet, gets a cup and brings it to me for a little bit of goodness - saying "cup" the entire time. It's so cute I give him a little (thus reinforcing...oh well).

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