This week: October 28

Happy Fall! Wade's had SOO much fun helping Husband with leaves - he's actually minutely helpful. And, lucky for Wade, leaves just keep falling.

This week Wade cannot leave the dog food alone. Cannot. He's been putting the dog food into the dog water (which, Stella actually loves and gobbles up), been filling up his cups with dog water and atone point putting that water into a suitcase we had out from moving - why?! He put it in the front pocket, which proved to be surprisingly waterproof. I know he opened that front pocket and thought to himself "I need to put something in here..." This same pocket now houses all of Stella's toys, cause things really need to go into this pocket.

This kid is just so busy!

Oh, and he keeps playing with my plants. Why?!?

In more exciting/less aggravating news: we moved! All our stuff is finally here!!! We were pretty organized and had good help, so moving out of Northfield took just over an hour and moving into the Lakeville took just under an hour. The night before Husband and I moved all the furniture we could out to the garage,  made it go super fast. By noon we were done. Well, "done." Now I get to settle in - it should only take about 2 years. Closing for both houses are today - it's going to be a long one (oh, and everyone has a cold... that'll make it all better, for sure!). We had our helper - of course.

In MUCH more exciting news - the girls have been smiling and cooing and being all around adorable!

I've only managed to capture Blake's smile, she's been throwing it around like it's no big deal - but it is, it is such a big deal - says the mommy covered in spit up and dried milk, stays awake only with the aid of Dr. Pepper, hasn't slept well in months, etc - this is the time that I really start enjoying these babes. They're so fun...except when they're not:

Despite his cold, Wade is still happy (except he's been waking up at night - who needs sleep?!). He found Husbands Halloween hat and it's been the most fun! Love this picture.

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