This week

This week was rough. How many times has that been my first sentence recently? I think we're doing really good, considering our family dynamic - an (almost) two year old and two 2.5 month olds. Life is uphill right now, both ways.

Everyone decided - on separate days - that 4:30 am seemed like a good time to start the day. WHY?!?! I think that's what made this week more difficult than usual, even less sleep! Add that to all the totally normal, age appropriate actions of my kids - whew. Wade's being two and all that entails. The girls are waking each other up and at the stage where they want me to sit smiling at them ALL THE TIME (hey family, so excited for you to get here and soak up these smiles!!). And its turned cold. And dark.

And then, our of nowhere, I remembered about teething. I've been holding onto this hope that it's going to get better. I'll get more sleep. We'll get on a schedule. And then teething is going to start. With two babies. BAM. Regression. I had a pity party by turning on the TV for Wade and being a lazy bum. Then came the guilt of letting your kid veg in front of the TV. Whatever.

And here's the truly devastating whammy of the week. Target has a toy 50% off every day from Halloween until Christmas Eve. I've been checking every single day, knowing that a little trampoline would go on sale. The perfect Christmas gift for Wade. On Friday, it was the toy of the day. I put on my big girl pants, got everyone ready (includes lots of crying) and in the car. I go to start the car and it's dead. Grrrr. It's cold. I bring everyone inside. I have crying babies and a distraught toddler cause we didn't go anywhere. Husband comes home at lunch so I can try to get one still - they're all gone. At every Target within 50 miles. Grrrr! I'll get one, full price for Wade. But I'm still so mad about it. Stupid car. Stupid garage that's full of stuff, that isn't even mine, so I can't park in it. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

First world problems - right? I'm genuinely upset about not getting a toy and about the fact that eventually my twins will teeth. I want to be the type of person that this stuff doesn't bug. That I don't need to complain about it to the universe, cause it's not a big deal, it's barely even a deal at all. But, right now, I'm not that person. Right now I'm so tired. Right now I just want a win occasionally. Right now I just want to wrap up a huge box that has a little trampoline in it.

Count your blessings. That's what I need to do. That's what I've been trying to do. But then these stupid things take me by surprise and just feel like too much. And then I feel guilt for not being able to keep it together. For complaining about problems that others would love to switch me for.

Okay. Ranted and complained at the universe. Let's play the blessing game now.

This week I went to Target with a 10% off my entire purchase coupon, a bunch of deals on Cartwheel (it's Target's app - get it!) and a coupon to get $10 off of $50 of groceries. Oh, plus 5% off for using my Target RedCard. I walked out of there spending $123 and saving $120. FOR REALS!! Saving is like crack for me. Felt amazing. (would have been more if I could have gotten that trampoline...but this is the positive part now).

The girls have been going down somewhat predictably at night. Husband and I have been trying to not just turn on the TV and veg all night. Not that there's anything wrong with that sometimes, but not all the time. We're somewhat out of the newborn survival mode and we need to start doing things that rejuvenate us - for me that's projects! I covered a bunch of boxes to go on top of our kitchen cabinets (looks so much cleaner in there!) and I made these pillows:

Later I saw them on one of my favorite blogs - ChrisloveJulia - and I felt such validation for my design choice. And my friend told me she saw them for $60 on a site. Mine were $8 for both. I also found the fabric I want for some other pillows and it feels so good to have a vision come together. I've also convinced Husband to help me paint the TV room over Thanksgiving weekend - cannot tell you how excited that makes me!

I'm on the Relief Society activity committee and I made the invites:

I drew stars on all the paper with crayon, then water colored over the top. Turned out pretty cool. And then I printed over half of them upside-down with the star on the bottom. FAIL! Oh well. Everyone just laughed about it - how are people so wonderful?!

With girls going to bed early-ish, I've been able to ....*gasp*go out with friends! I'm going to a girls movie night tonight and earlier this week I met up with two of my best friends and we spend HOURS at Burlington. Stay at home mom's don't need much to make a successful girls. I have friends, good friends, and that feels amazing.

See all those things I have to be grateful for? Friends to escape with, successful projects, forgiving committee members, successfully convincing Husband to help me paint. So many things!! And, of course, my kiddos.

I always want to remember these chubby cheeks and hands. And look at those eyelashes!! The girls are getting long eyelashes too, it'd be pretty sad if my son had the longest eyelashes of my kids.

In complete other news - I unsuccessfully tried to burn down the house this week. I got a twisty-tie wrapped up in a towel I used to cook a sweet potato. Exciting times at the Wright household.

And we took some pictures as a whole family!!

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