Diary of Wade: SISTERS - three months!

My sisters are three months old!

Ha, look how happy Jacqueline is and how annoyed Blake looks. Mom says she's sad because she still hasn't been able to get a picture of both sisters smiling. I don't think she's even gotten a picture of both them looking at the camera.

They love their play mat and grabbing their toys. Jacqueline still likes sitting up more than laying - so even though she likes the toy mat, she like sitting in a nook on the couch with a toy in her lap. I like to steal her toy. She doesn't care though. And I put it back, most of the time.

Blake can roll over. Sometimes. She likes tummy time. Jacqueline doesn't. She cries until mom picks her up.

Jacqueline sometimes goes down for her afternoon nap and it just turns into nite nite. She must just get so tired. One time she slept 12 hours! Only once though. Both sisters still wake up a lot. Mom's tired. And keeps getting colds. Blake doesn't sleep very well at all - she just wants to snuggle up on mom all the time.

Oh, and Blake is getting a tooth! Mom says maybe that's why she grumpy and only wants to sleep when being snuggled.

I love to hold sisters and I make sure to tell mom when babies are crying so she can help them. They smile at me a whole bunch, which makes it so fun to play with them!

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