Diary of Wade: SISTERS - 6 months

Happy half birthday, bebes! Imma talk to mommy about cake, even if sisters can't have it yet. The rest of us should celebrate, it's been a crazy 6 months for us - we really deserve some cake.

Both girls can roll from their tummies onto their backs. Blake can roll both ways and can scoot wherever she wants - often under the couch.

They 'found' each other this month and Blake always scoots over to Jacqueline to share some sister secrets. I like to get in on it too - we often have little chat sessions all crammed under the play gym.

They've started eating baby food and it's stopped them up real good. They each got a nice little prune juice shot this morning - yuck. Mommy used to have to give me prune juice too, I know what I'm talking about when I say yuck. They like they're food though, thus far corn has been their favorite. Mommy is only giving them vegetables at this point, but I always try to share my banana's and apple sauce with them. Sometimes I try to help feed them their babyhood, but mommy says that it isn't a Wade job.

They both like being in their high chairs, even when not eating. I help mommy cook at the counter and they sit and watch us in their chairs. I like to bring them toys to play with and bounce balls for them - they think it's really funny and we all laugh together. I love making them laugh. They started out the month with really awkward grunt laughs because they were just learning how, but now they're laughing more and getting the hang of it.

The also like being in their exesaucers. Must be something about being upright. I like to help them play with the toys and show them how. It's not because I like baby toys, I'm just helping.

Jacqueline found her thumb and loves to suck on it. She sleeps really well - only waking up once at night and taking mammoth naps that sometime last 4-5 hours. She still spits up a lot, so she's on her back a lot of the time. She likes playing with toys on the toy gym and is really good at yanking the pully ones. She has the best smile that takes up her entire face. She doesn't have much hair, the little she does have looks a little red. She had some pretty nasty cradle cap that mommy got off and now here hair is coming in more. Mommy says that she has great grandma Russon's eyes. I'm the best at getting Jac to laugh. She hardly cries and is the happiest baby. She's started getting sad when she can't see mommy -that's why mommy started putting the girls in their high chairs when she's in the kitchen. Jac also discovered that she can spit and blow raspberries - she is so proud of all the noises she can make. 

Blake is still a terrible sleeper. She wakes up a bunch during the night because she can't figure out how to soothe herself back to sleep. During the day she sometimes takes two naps to Jacqueline's one.   She moves all over and can get to whatever she wants, which has recently been my trains! I tell her that they are mine, but mommy says she's fine and I should share. Whatever lady. Sometimes Blake will have a train track piece and she'll face plant on it and it makes her cry - serves her right for playing with my toys. She also likes my big lego pieces and lids, I guess she likes hard plastic stuff. She's also getting up on her knees like she thinks she has yet green light to start crawling! She smiles all the time, even when she's exhausted - which is most of the time. She has more hair and it's brown and looks like it might be curly - just like her aunt Elizabeth who she's named after! She doesn't laugh as much as Jac yet. Blake is the funniest to change because as soon as you get her diaper off she has to wiggle her bum everywhere; she likes being diaper free, I get that.

Mommy says that for their six month mark she got herself ear plugs and is going to let these girls figure out how to sleep through the night. She also said that she got a safety lock for my door too so I can't get up at 3 am anymore. Mommy really doesn't know how to celebrate - she should really consider my cake idea.

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