This week: 03.02.16

Monday morning I was changing the girls and told Wade to lay down with his sisters so I could change him too. He's pretty good at laying down when I ask, but if anything involves sisters he is all over it. He laid down right between them and they both went right for him. He loved it and kept pulling Blake back and placing her hands on him.

See, Monday's aren't all bad.

In March I've decided to do a project a day. I have so many little things I want to do around the house that I feel overwhelmed with them all together, so one a day is my goal. Things like hanging curtains, printing pictures, organizing drawers, ect. Yesterday I outdid myself and did a bunch of things, so I'm already ahead. I've had several people ask me for a home tour, so I want to get a bunch of these little things done and get a home tour up at the end of the month.

Sunday my girls were champs at church. Or at least they were decent. They do not fall asleep on us. Ever. They sleep in their cribs, making church exceedingly difficult. But this week I figured out that if I put them in their car seats and bounce them on my legs (mimicking the car) I can get them to sleep! So, if I wasn't already the crazy lady of twins, I now am bouncing carseats on my legs. I'm the coolest. 

It does feel good to figure out something that sort of works at church. But I love that they come home exhausted and sleep all afternoon. That nap and the joy of dressing them cute makes the Sunday struggle worth it. 

Both these peanuts got teeth this week - they both have one broken through. I can see Blake's second trying to poke through and I think Jac is working on her second too - she had a fever for a few days that I think is because of it. 

Everything makes Jacqueline so tired. Teething, fever, playing, tummy time - all of it. Several times this week she's taken two 3-4 hour naps and still want to go to bed by 6:30. She is the happiest baby, but she definitely hasn't been feeling great cause she's been crying more. I realized this week I have no tolerance for Jac's cry and I realized it's cause she never cries! So when she does I get all sweaty and anxious like I'm a brand new mom again. Blake, on the other hand...I'm immune to her constant cries. Not that I have favorites. 

I love putting her down right now, might be one of my favorite times of day. She'll be smiling at me as I get her ready for bed - patient as ever - but the last moment it takes for me to get my shirt up to nurse her she loses it, like I just took a second too long. When she's done nursing she'll look at me with the biggest grin and I'll kiss her chunky cheeks and she'll grab at my face. Then I'll lay her down, she'll look at me and smile, then find her thumb and fall asleep. When I feed her first she'll lay there and throw me huge smiles while I feed Blake. It's something I never want to forget.

Again, I don't have a favorite...but Jac has also been sleeping through the night. 6pm - 7am. Not even her stinker brother has been doing that recently. 

Wade upgraded from his big boy bed into a BIG big boy bed - he's in a queen now! 

He likes us to lay with him for a few minutes at night and when he wakes up in the middle of the night it so nice for us to have room to snuggle him. Kids aren't allowed in our bed, but occasionally it's easier to climb in with them. Every time I get a room more put together that's where we find ourselves spending our time for the next week. 

We've started watching some movies with Wade. This week was The Incredibles. He loved it and kept talking about what they were doing. He would laugh with them and clap. He was especially into Dash, the son. Sheesh, to watch a movie through the eyes of a two year old. 

Blake has been busy with the whole teeth thing AND working hard to get up on her knees: 

What?! I know. She's the tinsiest little squirt, but she can wiggle and move. Guess one of my march projects will be putting up baby gates. 

Every time I change this Blake's bum she does a bum lift and wiggles her knees side to side. She so excited to be free she has to get all kinds of moves in. It's no wonder she's my smallest, she never stops. When she goes down first I watch her move all over while I feed Jac - she covers every inch of her crib, grabs onto the bars, scratches at the wall, kicks her legs up and down, rolls from side to side and fairly just stops and passes out. 

All her moving ends up with her often in a corner. Which is super frustrating, especially when teething (cause being in pain makes everything more frustrating).

Nobody puts baby in the corner. Except herself, of course. 

I have a friend from my last ward that had twin girls 3 months after me - what are the chances!? That little ward (80-100 each week) had 14 babies in one year. Two sets of girl twins. And only one boy, ha, ha. We met up this week for the first time with our girls. 

These peanuts were in cahoots to see how many diapers they could make us change during out hour visit. I think we did 6. All we did was nurse and change diapers. The whole time. I've already forgotten how much harder my girls were at 3 months vs now. They can play with toys, they nurse faster, they can be awake for more than an hour. We've got a decent handle on things and are doing pretty good. I've even left the house with all my children in tow every day this week!! 

Sometimes I leave the house just so others can feel better about their lives: 

Diaper run - could barely fit everything in with kids and the stroller. And I went to IKEA. These three were angels. I was so blessed with amazing kiddos. 

Husband gets a little section today: 

Wade lost a toothbrush cap down the sink. Husband went to get it out and poured water down the drain that he had unhooked. Ha, ha! He's become such a handy man, but not without some, ahem, memorable moments. Which I have to write down, or I'll forget and I want to randomly bring this up to tease Husband about from time to time. 

Husband got a new fish. He turned our guest bath into his fish quarantine room. Cause having more fish stuff in the house is my dream. The fish is named Foxface - which is just the type of fish it is. Most the time that's how we name our fish. We're so lame. But some of the names are just too cool. I mean, c'mon, Foxface?! 

It has poisonous spines and can camouflage. As much as I tease Husband, his tank is pretty awesome and this is a good addition. 

We've had nice weather and Husband is crossing his fingers to go golfing some time next week. March has come in like a lamb this year. It's delightful. 

Husband is speaking to Wade and the girls in Portuguese. It's been frustrating for both Wade and Husband since it's a step backwards in their communication - but Wade is already picking up on some words! Hopefully he'll end up somewhat fluent and someday we'll all go to Brazil and I'll be the only one verbally lost. 

And food this week: 

I've totally fallen off the Whole 30 bandwagon. Fail. But, I've still been eating waaaaay healthier, and that was the point, right? Sheesh, I am so lenient and understanding with myself. And I'm still getting out of my culinary box. Made cauliflower "rice" which was good and Wade loved (top left corner and bottom right corner). In the top left meal Husband and his brother made hamburgers for themselves that night. Rude. All I can say is rude. I also made hash browns and stuffed peppers for the first time, not together, just both this week. The bottom two corner meals will be regulars. Bottom left: caprese chicken with fresh mozzerella, quinoa and a balsamic vinegar reduction. Bottom right: Pan seared tilapia, cauliflower rice and a fresh mediterranean salsa. Delicious. 

I'm getting a gym membership. Might be dumb, but all the cool kids are doing it. I have several friends that meet up for classes, plus, there's childcare - which Wade could definitely do with some more kid time. Sometimes I worry that my kids will be socially weird because I'm a stay at home mom. Course, they're my kids, so they'll probably be awkward no matter what. Wade's problem is actually that he knows everyone thinks he's the best. Which, he kinda is....I digress. I'm excited to start working out more and pushing myself. I've been doing some stuff at home, but, again, I'm so understanding of my own weak will! I think it'll be good with friends and a little competition. 

I've decided to get up at 7:00 am every day. I usually try and stay in bed as long as possible, handing Wade toys and my phone, just to get an extra few minutes of extremely unrestful shut eye. Thus far it's been great! I get so much done and I'm more refreshed. Who am I? Waking up at a reasonable time, eating right, exercising - I've even been flossing regularly. I'm owning adulthood. 

I misspelled vinegar this week. Spelt it vinager. On the side of my vinegar bottle. In permanent marker, so I can feel like and idiot every single time I use it. 

I scored this chair at Goodwill for $20: 

Tied it into my trunk - one of the workers asked if I needed help, ha, ha! Nope, I got this. I'm a pro at roping all my finds into my trunk. It's actually one of the top reasons I want an SUV - so I can snag bigger finds. Husband always thinks I'm joking. I'm not. Not at all. I am so excited about this chair, you know it's good when you can think of multiple places you want it. 

I am so excited for March - just feel like my head is in the right place. I'm on a good path and see so many of my goals with plans mapped out. Six months with infants is a magical time and it feels lovely. 

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