This week: 02.17.16

Jacqueline rolled over! Monday morning I heard her happily chatting in her crib, I went in to get her and she was lying on her back with the biggest smile! I think she's done it a few times before - I'd come over to her on the play mat and she'd be on her back, but I was never certain I didn't put her on her back...twin life, ha.

These girls started solids!

Jacqueline (left) is into it. She's always grabbing at the spoon and opening her mouth super wide for big bites. Blake purses her lips, argh! She does like it and eats a decent amount when I pry her jaw open. I don't remember starting food being this annoying and difficult with Wade. Maybe it's cause they're not my first/only kids? Maybe it's cause there are two? Maybe it's cause I remember an astonishingly small amount about specifics with Wade? Whatever the reason, baby cereal is the worst.    Wade had to try it the few times before it stuck that it's yuck. 

Speaking of yuck - everything is yuck these days. Even the things that Wade likes. I'll make him something and he'll say yuck, then I'll remind him the he likes it and he'll say "oh, yummy" and go ahead and eat it. He's easily persuaded. Course, there are things that are actually yuck that he keeps trying - like almonds. Every time I eat some almonds he tries them and ends up with a nasty pile of mouth made almond butter. 

Along with yuck, he's been saying good a lot. With a vigorous head bob. You can ask him how he is and he'll tell you - good. Or if something is yummy, he'll call it good. Everything is good right now. 

And he's been mimicking more of what we say and stringing multiple words together. Having more communication with this little man is amazing. And frustrating. But mostly amazing. Often if I can't figure out what he's saying I'll ask him to show me. That leads us to the fridge a lot. He'll also grab snacks from the pantry and bring them to me to open for him when I'm occupied with a sister. 

He continues to play by sorting everything. I think I've made him OCD. We can't get more toys out before putting the others away. Mostly he enforced this when someone else doesn't do it correctly - such a bossy pants. It's okay for him to get everything out, but no one else. If a cupboard is left opened, a rug messed up, a towel fallen or a chair moved - he'll fix it or fret until I fix it. And if he ever spills he runs to get a towel. Oh dear. 

His favorite song right now is Adele's "Hello" - he likes to sing along. He's also started singing with my when I sing him songs at night. It's my new favorite time of day - I tuck him in and he motions for me to lay next to him and we sing together. Oh, and he's started saying "I love you, mommy" (sounds like "iovu mommy"), which makes bedtime extra special. 

These girls have been "finding" each other this week. They've done it before, but now that they both have a little more control of their motor skills they're able to seek one another out. They get the biggest smiles when they lock eyes. Jac gets a little clobbered - she doesn't seem to mind (right before this pic Blake was sucking on Jac's forehead). 

They find each other a lot during food time. Which makes it more frustrating...eyes on mommy girls!!

Jac and her thumb. My kids always fall asleep in their beds - it's something I've worked on because 95% of the time that's where they get laid down, and the routine is worth it for the difficult other 5%- so it's rare (and precious) for me to find someone asleep mid-play. Guess I took too long to get her sister down.

Blake can scoot just about anywhere. Put a toy a couple feet away from her and she'll get to it. Eventually. Her scooting also finds her under the couch...a lot. 

Bryan finished his car so I finally have a car during the day! I celebrated by not going anywhere during the day all week. I'm so awesome. I'm just so tired! I did work on some projects: 

This is in our half bath on the main floor. I need to plant them in real dirt, but my soil is all frozen at the moment. And I have other thread I want to use that I can't find, but I know I have it so I can't bring myself to buy more - what's the point of craft supply hoarding if I don't use it?! So this is version 1.0 - maybe 2.0 will happen when I paint - thinking a rich blue!!

And I hung these frames! It was so hard to get them all even. Mismatch gallery walls are so much easier. Now I just need to print off pictures. Took me 3 months to hang the frames, so I predict it'll be at least a month until I get to pictures.

Our RS activity got snowed out this month, so we rescheduled and I hosted! It was fun to have everyone over - especially since most people have been to this house as my in-laws - it was fun to show off how I've made it my own. Which is why I got these projects done, but I ran out of steam on some others.

I started doing the Whole 30. I'm going on day 4 of no Dr. Pepper. It's tough. But I'm going. I modified it since I have to have consume such a huge amount of calories to nurse both girls - so I can eat some grains and beans like quinoa, oatmeal and black beans . I'm sure if you're a Whole 30 purist you'd say that I'm not really doing the diet/cleanse or whatever. To that I say - bite me. I'm eating so much better! I was eating so much sugar, drinking so much Dr. Pepper and just eating garbage. And I've already made two dishes that Husband says I need to put into our regular rotation! Just getting out of the culinary box I was in makes this worth it.

Husband started going to the gym 3x a week with some coworkers. He leaves here at 6:00 am. Dedication, that one.

Wade's been waking up between 6:00 and 6:30 am. Annoying, that one.

The girls (Blake) haven't been sleeping or napping well at all. Recently Blake's been waking up every two hours at night. I've been looking up advice on sleep help and I get a lot of "I don't believe in cry it out. I put them on a schedule during the day, and at night I feed on demand, but after a few days they just started sleeping through." Bite me. Who are these people that their children start sleeping through the night on their own? All my kids I've had to work for every single extra hour - but with Blake that work isn't working. Between Blake and Wade we are so tired. We've started trying to be ready and in bed by 10 - it's made a huge difference, but we're feeling ultra old (but if we don't then we're so tired we feel ancient).

Oh, and Wade was diagnosed with pneumonia again. Didn't help with the whole "we're exhausted" thing. He was coughing so much he was puking, could barely eat or talk cause he couldn't stop coughing long enough. It's terrible when you take your kid to the doctor hoping they have something so they can get on the mend! But now he's back to being our little mancub. 

That got rambly. But I want to look back in 5 or 10 years and remember all the little things - even Blake's terrible sleep habits - and hopefully I'll be able to smile cause by then I'll be getting a full nights sleep regularly (PLEASE?!?!).


  1. Melissa! I can't even tell you how much I love reading your blog! I love hearing about your wonderful family and the joys and struggles! You are an amazing mom and those little ones are so lucky to have you!

    1. You are so nice! Funny, cause I feel the same way about you whenever I see a picture on Instagram or FB of one of your kids on their nature walks or covered in mud - they are so lucky to have you. And I always feel happy to see you and yours happy :)