This week: 03.30.16

Husband walked in the door today and Wade ran to him - only to ask for his phone. So used. Well, Blake's been interested in our phones recently too so we made Wade share and it quickly turned into this.

Speaking of "this" happening:

I was changing both girls and talking to Wade - apparently that was too much multitasking. This happened. It was bound to happen sometime. 

Oh, and this is happening: 

Both girls are sitting!!! Well, sort of. Jac is still kind of just balancing her fat, but she's getting better! 

Wade's gotten in the habit of turning off lights when he leaves a room (woohoo! Course it's when he leaves, who cares if you're still in the room) and shutting the door. I haven't gotten used to his habit and keep walking into closed doors. 

Stella likes Blake. 

Stella hates all children, except Blake. I used to think it was a fluke (um...it totally is), but she only sits next to me when I'm holding Blake or climbs in the chair when I'm nursing Blake. She doesn't get near me when I'm with Jac (and definitely not Wade). Well, this week she's been giving Blake her ball. She doesn't give anyone her ball. With me she just gets in my face and whines which means "somewhere in this room...er, house, there's a ball - find it and throw it for me." But she's been putting the ball right in front of Blake and then she sits there and whines. It's adorable. And annoying. I get Wade to take it from Blake to throw it for Stella. Just micromanaging all my little creatures.

Jac's been getting better at rolling over. Which means I have another turtle that gets mad that she's stuck on her back when she sleeps on her tummy. Oh joy. But Jac quickly figured out how to get on her side and likes to sleep that way. Getting to watch my children sleep is one of my favorite things - and an added perk (we'll call it that) of having twins, I get to watch them a lot.

For Easter Wade got play-doh and some paints. He thinks the paint is cools, but it's also whatever. Play-doh on the other hand, is a hit. He calls it his "yellow" and we get it out 5+ times a day. The last two mornings I've woken up to his face right in mine and as soon as my eyes open and focus he says "yellow?!"

On Easter church was super full and we couldn't fit in the chapel. While situating in the foyer one of our favorite families came out and grabbed us. They had moved around chairs to make room for us and as soon as we sat down they took all our children and we got to actually listen to the Easter sacrament meeting. Scott (the dad) got stickers for Christmas to take to church to share with Wade - how special is that? We don't live near family, but this family makes us feel like we do. One of their daughters even got Blake to sleep in her arms!

This little boy and his facial expressions! After his nap yesterday he came into my room and looked out the window and talked to me all about the doggie he saw, the wet (rain), how he wanted milk, wanted to play with yellow and wanted to wear different pants. We've been having some really good chats recently.

I ate a chip this week and it poked me on the roof of my mouth and got stuck! I'm not sure if it's still there or not...but, um, it still hurts.

I've got the craziest super-sonic mom ears. I can hear my niece cry in the basement when on the top floor. I can hear Wade cough in his room when we're watching tv on full volume. It's crazy. And annoying. I often have to wear ear plugs cause normal noises are too much (oddly I never wake up to husband leaving for work or the gym, I just wake up and he's gone). Well, twice this week I woke up to husband's tank making a weird noise - even after waking up husband he could barely hear it. The first time one of this fish had gotten where it shouldn't and my sonic ears saved him! This is the same fish that I found after it jumped out of the tank a few months back. I am the guardian angle for this fish. I was starting to bond with him. Well, the second time the tabl was making a weird noise it was the same fish, only he didn't make it. Of course the one thing I start to like in the tank. Gone. He was a clown fish and mated to our other clown fish and now the living female is so lonely and keeps swimming around looking for him. I've assigned too much emotion to these little fish, but it makes me so sad! Sad enough that I'm letting husband get another male clown fish this weekend. 

All my kids have woken up without leaking through 3x this week. At least one person wakes up wet everyday, but everyone figured it out simultaneously three times! We do lots of laundry around here.

Speaking of laundry, I did nine loads on Monday. And that wasn't even a puke week. And I had done two loads of Saturday. Between laundry and diapers, my family is making a significant dent in ruining the planet.

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