This week: 03.23.16

We got a late March snow storm today.  We've had such nice weather, we were all a little thrown by this weird white stuff. Luckily I got out of shoveling cause I fail down the stairs....wait, that's not so lucky. It was actually more of a slip/slide down the stairs, but it jarred me a little and I'm super sore. What is lucky is that I was carrying laundry, not babies. I've been a little nervous carrying girls down the stairs now. 

These girls love their brother! I was getting food ready and heard all my kiddos giggling. I snapped this picture so quick - Jac's not even in it! But then they all saw mom and Wade saw my phone and the moment was gone. Stupid mom, trying to capture precious moments and ruining them. 

Wade's been busy. Since the girls were born we've relied too much on screen time. I didn't even realize! Two new babies and a lot of sickness - I'm not going to feel guilty (even though I do), but we've been cutting down a lot. And Wade doesn't really mind. He's gotten out of the habit as quickly (almost) as he got into it! He's building, sorting, coloring, exploring - being a normal two year old. A two year old that might have OCD and a hoarding problem....

And he apparently wears these pajamas a lot. Cause the above pictures were all taken on different days. They're his favorite! 

One morning I sent this text to Husband:

Apparently I rely on the internet too much. In the 15 minutes it took me to get ready he (Wade) turned the lights out 3 times on me, kept putting my make up away with I was still using it, dumped all the air out of your razor, brushed his teeth 4 times, flushed the toilet twice, got all my hair product out and lined them up, and sat in the empty tub with his toys.

Less screen time has been good for me too. I've been more engaged with my kids - noticing more of the little things I don't want to forget, and yet have been missing while buried in some stupid game. One morning by 10 am I had vacuumed, mopped, empty and filled the dishwasher, scrubbed my sink, watered my plants, done two loads of laundry, made beds, changed crib sheets, made breakfast, and got the ladies down for naps.

On Saturday Daddy was home and showed Wade the magic of laundry basket cars. Wade sat in one and Husband put a blanket in his to make it more comfortable. Then Wade came and sat in the comfy one with Husband. Then Wade kicked Husband out of the comfy one. Husband went to get another blanket to make another comfy basket - Wade again evicted him and Husband went back to the first basket. At some point another basket got added in...all I know is all my laundry got dumped on the floor and has continued to be dumped this whole week. 

Wade's  been saying "thank you mommy." I love it. 

Wade's been asking me to draw him doggies so he can draw grass on them. Where did he learn this? I've never drawn him a dog before - I've only ever done letter, numbers and shapes cause I can't draw anything! But all week, doggies. And lining up the crayons. Everything gets lined up. 

I almost have If You Give a Mouse a Cookie memorized. 

He's been talking non-stop about his friend Allie (owie). It took me a while to figure it out, but now that I have, I'm learning that he's obsessed! He even knows where she lives! It's borderline creepy, but since he's two it's adorable! His first friend that he's actually aware of! Warms my heart. 

Golf season is in full swing (see what I did there?!) which means we had to take a trip to the sporting goods store. The whole family went (cause then Husband can count it as a family outing...) and Wade got to try a kiddo club. He didn't quite get it, but her seriously loved playing on the green.

One morning Wade kept complaining to me about poop. I kept checking and his bum was clean. He kept complaining and even walking funny, so I laid him down to check. He had a piece of my hair in his bum. Haha. Poor kid. Both for having my hair there and for having a mom to share the story! 

Girls tried strawberries this week. They were both fans - not that you can tell by Blake's face (she's on the right); she kept making this sour face, but also kept pulling my hand back for some more. And Jac was all about it, naturally. They're loving food more and more, but I'm realizing that by the time Wade was this age he was eating finger foods! Makes me feel like such a slacker. We've been slacking all over - haven't read with them as much, haven't helped them practice sitting. So sad. In my mind they're still just these tiny little babies, but they're almost 7 months old. We've been playing catch up this week and turns out they can do a ton when I give them the chance! 

 Jacqueline has been chewing on everything. When she's done with a toy it is drenched. If she can't get a toy she'll use her hands. Baby food is a mess with her cause her hands have to help. Her chew toy of choice is her sister. These girls bee line for each other whenever they're down. I love helping them sit facing each other, the happiest most excited faces!

Blake is mesmerized by everything. She played with the heat vent for a good 10 minutes. And then there was this little piece of dirt that occupied her for a good long time too. Why buy kids toys? Every time I looked at her this week she was intently playing with something. 

I made this! It's on my dining table. I got two awful wreaths on ultra clearance at Kohls and tore them apart. All these fake succulents were $8 total! I have some left over too. Love it. And totally watered it this week while watering all my plants. Awesome. 

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