Today these girls are 36 weeks and two days old - that's how long I was pregnant! It's a significant milestone in the twin community since it's often such a struggle to keep those babies in, and every single day counts. Thankfully (and I don't say that lightly, I am thankful every day) we had the smoothest pregnancy and these girls came into the world just perfect.

So here are my pictures. Warning, they're crazy and contain partial nudity. Sports bra and running shorts. So no nudity that anyone wants to see. It's a "thing" to take a picture on the last day you're pregnant and then again on the ....today - I don't know what to call this day, in/out milestone? I took my pictures in my running shorts cause I never wanted to forget how insane my body looked. It was seriously miraculous and a freak show at the same time. 

Husband just came over and said "OH MY GOSH;" I think we both forgot how ginormous I was. 

I took these the day before the girls were born, Wade was napping and I had that weird burst of energy people talk about right before going into labor, so I took pictures. When I delivered I was measuring at 46 weeks pregnant if this were a singleton (yes, that's a real term you get used to once in the world of multiples!)

I cannot tell you the number of times people would see me from behind and then see me turn and audibly gasp. Going to the store while full term was as much of a circus act as ...well, as it is now. Three kids in two years is no joke. 

Being a twin mom has been the greatest adventure of my life. Being a mom in general, but having a two year old and two babies all the same time has been remarkable. This young, abundant family of mine is such a blessing - they've made me into someone new, someone I wouldn't have been without them. Someone more patient and calm, able to live in the moment and not constantly stress about the future. I'm tired, my fun budget has been redirected to diapers, and my abs will never again be visible under loose skin and yet I feel as though I am capable of anything. Except skipping nap time.  

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  1. Melissa, I love these pictures so much! My four year old came by as I was reading this post and I told him that those babies were in your belly. He asked "did she eat them?" I told him no but then he asked how they got in there and I changed the subject. haha!