This week: Quatro de Mayo

Kids at play.

I was introduced to putting cream in herbal tea. My life has changed. This might make me give up Dr. Pepper. Probably not, but maybe.

Wade got diagnosed with asthma. Stinks, but at least we have some answers and have something we can do when he goes into a coughing fit. Plus, if we take care of it now he should outgrow it by preschool. Turns out it's pretty common for boys that get pneumonia around two years to get this early childhood asthma. Still stinks, but good to know my kid is nothing special. He's thrown up every day for the last week from coughing - and that's with me not letting him do much. He lost it one time making his sisters laugh, then he got giggling, then coughing, then puking. So sad. But, like I said, we've got tools now to take care of this and get him strong.

All his coughing and slight allergies gave Wade a runny nose that he's been wiping everywhere. He sticks his hands behind him and just nose dives with that snotty nose. My whole house needs a wipe down. Every pillow, blanket, cushion, sheet and rug needs to be washed. He was watching basketball with Husband and kept coming over to wipe his nose on Husbands shoulder - took a few times before Husband realized he wasn't getting snuggles. At one point he found himself a "hankie" to carry around and wipe his nose on - it was a shirt he found in a bag of stuff I'm taking to Goodwill. This is the same kid who at dinner tonight had to wash his hands between every bite he took cause he was "ticky."

I can't remember what this tantrum was for. I probably didn't know at the time either. I didn't let him live in the fridge? I didn't let him help me put the milk away (which entails me handing him the milk jug, picking him up and helping him put it in the door)? Cupcakes existed two weeks ago and he's remembering they're gone? He discovered I moved the candy? Who knows. Two. Tough. 

We've been working hard in the yard. Husband aerated and laid down some weed and feed. I make myself get out almost every nap time to work. I've been clearing out flower beds and even got to plant some flowers (that I'm pretty sure are dying. I'm awesome). I continue to find weird things as I clean up - yesterday I found a GI Joe, it's like I'm discovering Husbands happy childhood. Wade has been "heping" and added a Tonka Truck garden out front.

Our neighbor (I think he's nine) knocked on our door and said he had some old toys he wanted to give to Wade. Score! Now I need a sand pit for these cool diggers. Husbands might be as excited as Wade about them.

We also got rid of the junk car from our garage! Hallelujah! You inherit the weirdest problems when you buy a house from family.

Just spilled my cream tea all over myself. It's changed my life and now it's making me change my shirt.

Jacqueline has been stealing Blake's food. She chows hers down and then looks around and sees that Blake still has food in her hand, so she reaches over and swipes it. Blake rarely even realizes it. I took the girls to dinner with some friends, one of them held Jac (love my friends, they enjoy helping me with my girls - or at least do a heck of a job pretending) and started sharing her noodles - Jac screamed for more as soon as she took the fork out of her mouth. She probably (definitely) ate more of my friends dinner than my friend. And then came dessert ...you'd think the girl was starving! She was losing it trying to get more whip cream faster. Girl loves her yummies. Feeding themselves has resulted in a lot more of this:

Graham cracker mash could be used in place of concrete.

Before we started solids Blake was catching up to Jac in weight. Now...not so much. Jac has figured out this food thing and Blake is moving all over. Case in point:

Who does she think she is? Trying to climb up stairs. This is her favorite spot to get to - I'll put her on the other side of the room and couch and she'll weave her way all around. Jac also moves, but I've never actually seen it in action, I just come into a room and she's not where I left her. The other day I was getting Wade something and heard them jabbering and giggling together and walked over to find this:

Middle of the floor, no toys, just hanging out together. Today Jac woke up from her nap first and was fine until Blake woke up, then she whined until I put Blake down next to her to play. How adorable?! Best friends.

I often hear on the monitor that they're awake, but they just chat through their cribs. I love peeking in to watch and listen. Course, I also love taking a peek when they're sleeping. Same with Wade. Will that ever get old? Puberty. Then I'll take black mail shots of them drooling with their mouth wide open, acne and braces. Oh, little peanuts - you have some rough futures ahead!

Wade and I were listening to music on my phone while I made dinner. Images of the album cover come up with the song. A Beyonce song came on and Wade started saying "mommy!!" and pointing at the picture of her. You bet kid, you can confuse me with Beyonce as much as you like.

I'll leave you with that. Sasha Fierce out.

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