Diary of Wade: sisters - 9 months

Today my sisters are 9 months old. That means that they've seen every season. They were born at the end of summer, saw fall, winter and spring and now they're seeing summer again. But they don't really remember any of that. But now that it's summer again they get to be naked a lot more and us kids love that. 

They are moving a lot more. Mommy says their officially mobile. Blake likes to crawl everywhere. Her favorite place is the step from the kitchen into the tv room - she spends all day there. Her next favorite place is climbing Jac, mommy or me. I have to say "move Bake!" all the time. Sometimes it's actually Jacqueline who is in my way, but I always say "bake" cause it's usually her.

Both girls also really like to eat -everything! Strawberries, raspberries, graham crackers, gold fish, cheese, milk, peaches, bananas, cheerios, sweet potatoes, pasta, eggs. Like I said, everything. I'm always sure to share my food with them too. Mommy tells me to sit down and eat, but I just love to "hep."


She actually thinks that she should be done with baby food - she's tried the real stuff and she is a fan! She'll shriek at us when she wants more and sometimes her mouth is still full! Mommy says that she's an even bigger piggy than I was...I guess that's saying something, but I don't really remember when I was this little. Now I like to play more than eat. 

Jac can roll anywhere she wants and is starting to get up on her knees and can lunge forward. She's starting to get at my toys more now too. I guess I'll have to learn to say "move Jac" too. 

She sleeps through the night and mommy calls her the best child. Rude. I sleep through the night too. We leave the monitor on when we lay her down so that we can listen to her jabber while she tries falls asleep. She's the happiest jabberer. 


She likes to eat and is getting really good at feeding herself, finally. But she's mostly just interested in moving. Along with crawling she can also pull herself up onto her knees and thinks she is the coolest. Whenever mommy gets her from her crib she is either happily trying to get as tall as she can or she has a limb stuck out and is crying. Mommy had a tough time getting some good pictures of her cause she kept wiggling, but at the last minute she snagged some really really really good ones. 

She has four teeth and sometimes bites her tongue and fingers. It makes her the saddest and I try to give her loves and kisses. Sometimes when she's climbing the living room stair I use her head to balance and she cries and mommy gets mad at me and tells me I need to say sorry and give her love then too. She also cries with loud noises like when I bang pots and when Stella barks - so she again gets snuggles and kisses. She needs a lot of loves.  

We love to play outside together. I bring them toys and we share graham crackers. Now that it's summer we go to parks and play. With sisters getting older we get out more and I like that. Mommy says we'll have to see how they like playing in water - I hope they like it cause I love it. 

Here are some really silly shots from today: 

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  1. Haha. Still love the diary of wade!
    The girls are super adorable! Can't believe they're 9 months!! Seriously?! And I love those diaper covers and hair bands! Ahh, they're just adorable!!