This week: 1 June 2016

"Mmmob baby!"

I just finished vacuuming and it was so satisfying. Vacuuming with a toddler and infants is always satisfying - you hear all kinds of crumbs getting sucked up.

Husband's parents came to visit this week! Everyone loved nana and papa time - especially Wade, he got away with everything...as if he doesn't already. Last night he went to bed after 10! He's been such a grouch today. They got a ton done on our yard and random little things on the to-do list, all together it was a huge chunk that has made my heart lighter and helped me breath a sigh of relief.

Nana and Papa got the kids a play kitchen! Sadly, it got here the day after they left. Sad cause they didn't get to see them play with it - but also sad cause I was left to put it together - ha, ha! That's what I did during nap time. By the end the girls were helping.

Wade got up from his nap and I showed him the kitchen, he immediately started playing. Then I went to get the girls dinner and he was so content and happy - I was patting myself on the back for knowing he'd love this toy so much. I went up to peek on, what I was sure would be, an adorable scene to find this: 

At least he was playing with the pots. And I suppose he made a good call on the order of playing with things - the kitchen will be here tomorrow, the styrofoam will not. 

**Wade just came out of his room for the, I don't know, fourth time? I lost count. I used my stern voice and said, "Get back in your room! One, two, three." And he said, "four, five." Then I smiled. He giggled and ran back into his room. I'm a joke.**

Jacqueline has started doing this head back laugh with squinty eyes smile. It kills me. She's also found her motivation to crawl - getting to the dog! She's been up on her knees and going in a forward motion! I need baby gates. 

The girls had zero baby food today! All real food - prepared in real ways (not pureed) that they could feed themselves! They went through several outfits. 

Wade's taken a huge interest in painting (almost as much as styrofoam). We paint 3+ times a day. It might have something to do with getting to hang the pictures up on the fridge. There have been a few paintings that are deemed "done" and "fridge ready" that have little more than a few swishes. But who am I to call his art incomplete (Husband's words, ha ha!).

**Nothing like going into tend a crying baby (Blake, 9 months and still doesn't sleep through the night. What a booger!) and being hit with a poop cloud - only to realize it's not the awake baby, it's the sleeping baby. Ugh. Tend crying baby. Wake up peacefully sleeping baby to change bum. Tend crying baby.**

While the girls have been eating great, Wade has been on a food strike. Like every toddler. I've tried to not force too much and I often do sneak attack bites while he's distracted with TV or painting - I'll put a fork full in front of his mouth and he'll open and chew it totally oblivious. Tonight, however, he opened the fridge, got out a hot dog and ate it. So...we're doing awesome at this whole parenting thing. 

Now that all the kids are finally in bed and asleep all at the same time, I need to get down myself - running tomorrow morning with a friend at 6:00AM! So, until next week...hopefully I'll still be here ;). 

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