This week: 22 June 2016

Today Wade found out about sprinklers. He kept telling us how it "tickles." Forget about Disneyland - this front yard is the happiest place on earth for this kiddo. I have a feeling we're going to have to water our lawn more...

Speaking of happy:

He's spitting in their faces and they're laughing hysterically. I keep telling him to not spit and that nobody likes to be spit on - apparently I'm wrong. What's new.

I've been outside a couple evenings recently - just opened up an all-you-can-eat buffet for the mosquitos. I have somewhere around 40 bites, some huge welts, and I haven't even been scratching...very much. My shins are deformed with bites. I tried taking pictures, but they didn't do them justice. I need invest in a lot of anti-itch cream.

I guess while I'm on the negative....

So much of this!

Blake is the most pathetic, she's been crying a lot (teething?) and she'll crawl after me whenever I walk away.

20 minutes ago we found the TV remote. Take that off my list of first world problems.

We celebrated Father's Day with our traditional cinnamon rolls. This year I had a helper!

We also let Daddy watch golf and basketball all day - that's love.

I got Wade this huge Easter Egg this weekend at a yard sale - has anyone else seen the stupid "surprise egg" kid videos on youtube? Well, Wade loves them and now has his own surprise egg and is all about it. Makes him so happy.

But, like most things for a two year old, also makes him so mad. He loves to overstuff it and then cry cause he can't close it. Or he drops it and everything falls out. Most obnoxious $0.50 ever spent. It also makes a great hat. 

I got every one loaded up and went to the gym. Got there and realized I didn't have the stroller. I just couldn't do it. Getting everyone in would be my entire workout! So we went to Costco instead (two seater carts, only place I could go stollerless!) and I forgot my Costco card! Luckily, they took care of me and we were able to munch on samples and buy popcicles. 

Notice how Wade's diaper clad in all these pictures?

He's figured out how undress - sort of. Mostly he just gets halfway there and is really good at asking (whining) me to complete the job. 

Blake's been constipated (here I go, talking about my kids poop again), until Sunday morning at 5:47am. That was a great early morning surprise. I keep thinking how good it must have felt, ha! 

She's got the craziest legs: 

That one is always propped up. And in the car she'll put it over the edge of her carseat into Jac's and Jac will play with her foot.  

Blake's also been bee-lining for the dog food. She really likes putting everything in her mouth. This week I've found leaves, play-doh, grass, down feathers, a hair ball and dog food in her mouth. And she loves cleaning up under the high chairs - I've got to keep an eye on her and Stella so they don't fight over that coveted territory. 

These babies go everywhere. There's a little human train following me everywhere. Actually, Blake is following me and Jacqueline is following Blake. Sometimes Wade crawls in the train too. He especially likes crawling with Blake (I think he'll like Jacqueline too, but she still only army crawls). He can tell who is who now, and I realized today that he only gets them right when they're moving - so he must have them categorized as the one who moves and the one who doesn't. 

Jacqueline likes to jump/bounce in her high chair and she's can cover some serious ground. I start her away from the counter and by the end she's wiggles up to it. I can't tell if it's on purpose or coincidence. But when she get to the counter she loves setting her food on it and then picking it right back up to eat it. She giggles at her own game. 

I feel like I had 100 little stores to write about...and I can't remember a thing. So, I guess I'll end here. Have a wonderful week! 

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