Diary of Wade: Sisters - 10 months

 These sisters of mine are getting really big and think that they can do big girl things! I love it, cause we can finally play together. But, it's also rough being the big brother to TWO little sisters.

I like to crawl behind Blake and make a little train. And I like to get things out of the cupboards with both girls, I show them how it's done. 

But, it's also hard because they can knock over my towers, try to steal my iPad, and climb on me while I get my diaper changed. I say, "mobe bebe!" Sometimes Mommy helps and sometimes she just says, "If you would be a big boy and go potty in the toilet, sisters wouldn't climb on you." I get no sympathy; see, told you it was a rough life! 

Blake is almost sleeping through the night. About time. She often wakes up standing in her crib and cries cause she's too tired to remember how to get back down. Mommy says, "oooh, Blake!" a lot cause she's crying, climbing on Jacqueline, or getting into something she shouldn't - like the dog food. Sometimes I find her in the dog food and we play in it together, but when mom finds us I distance myself real quick - I wasn't born yesterday! Usually mommy is so busy cleaning dog food out of Blake's mouth that she forgets all about me. Blake likes putting everything in her mouth; she chewed up all my play money. Mommy says it's cause she's teething, but maybe she just really likes paper, leaves, grass, feathers, baby wipes, tissues, wrappers and dog food. 

Blake can crawl anywhere she wants and pull herself up on furniture - but she hasn't figured out how to walk yet. Jacqueline is still army crawling, but can move super fast. But she can't get up steps yet - sometimes Blake and I are crawling in a train and Jacqueline squeals cause she feels left out. Mommy will get her up so she can play and we all go to the cupboards to dump out all the apple sauce pouches and fruit snacks. Sisters really are fun. 

 Jacqueline is the happiest little human you will ever meet. Only, she's not very little. That's probably why she can't crawl well yet - Mommy says that I had the same problem. She loves playing in her crib and we can hear her giggle and laugh on the monitor. She's always telling herself really good jokes. And she makes me feel good cause she laughs at me during my breakfast show - good start to the day. She loves to bounce in her play gym and high chair - she can get her high chair to move and cover some serious ground. She shrieks and talks a lot and has started saying, "DaDa." Which has Daddy so excited. He says that Jac might be his favorite right now...but it's hard cause Blake always crawls right to him and wants him the most. 

They like playing peek-a-boo a lot. I play with them a lot while we eat and we all laugh. They think I'm pretty funny, which, I am. They really like playing peek-a-boo together. Mommy and I hold up a blanket between them and then drop it down and they laugh. Sometimes I get too excited and hop in the middle of them and they think that is funny too. Until someone falls over, then we have to be done playing cause I get sent to time out. Playing with sisters is fun, but hard. I get sent to time out a lot. 

Sisters also like playing with the same toys. They steal them from each other all the time. Only, usually it's a piece of trash one of them found that's the really cool item. If it's really cool then I take it for my turn. My turn doesn't really end. Jacqueline plays with more toys. Blake will be off exploring then come back and see Jac playing with a toy and decide it looks like fun and take it, but she gets bored really quick cause it's not as cool as Jacqueline made it look. Funny how that happens.

We tried taking pictures all together, but they quickly went south: 

I went tumbling right after Jacqueline and Daddy moved real quick so we didn't hit our heads. We didn't get a good shot, which just means that Mommy will probably try again this week. 

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