this week: 8 June 2016

Would you look at that baby?! Blake started pulling herself up two days ago and now her climbing is escalating like crazy. It's still so new that every time she gets biggest, proud-of-herself, smile. In the morning I lay the girls on my floor and Blake has been pulling herself up on our bench, then she'll holler at me and I just see her little bald head poking up over the foot of my bed. Adorable. Yesterday she crawled from my room to the play room - thank goodness she didn't head for the stairs! This girl is too quick.

Those two pictures are the only pics I have of my children this week. That's it. How did that happen?

Something that I couldn't catch in a picture - the girls have been chatting to each other. Everyone needs to come visit me right now to witness this. One afternoon they didn't nap so I put them in their bouncers to keep them stationary while I for some stuff done and every single time I checked on them they were giggling and talking together. They kept each other happy for a good 45 minutes. I get big smiles when I walk in the room, but nothing gets a bigger smile than then when they see each other. Course, I should mention here that they love when daddy comes home and Blake beelines for him.

Wade's been driving me crazy. Everything is "Wade turn," even if that means undoing what I've done because he's deemed it as something he has to do. We went to a nursery to get flowers and he decided he had to push the stroller, got mad that he couldn't, got mad that he saw that I was secretly helping him, threw a tantrum on the ground, got mad that his clothes got wet. It was fun.

Recently when we've been reading, Wade has to point out every word that ends with a "s"...or if there is "no s." Reading takes a long time. I have to remind myself that when we read it's not a race, it's for him - if he wants to focus on the "s's" that's just fine.

I've been working on projects around the house and yard. Monday morning I decided on a whim to paint our front door. It needed it. And by a whim, I've been planning to for a long time, just decided to actually do it.
It made the whole house smell bad. Still does. Enamel paint, sheesh.

I've also been working a ton in the yard. Finally finished my front yard grass project. And I've been planting more. I have no idea what I'm doing. That's a lie, I know what I'm doing - I'm killing everything. I have no vision. I tried transplanting some strawberries. I was being so gentle, then turned around to see Wade carrying them by their leaves up the hill. So, I have help in killing my plants.

All this out-of-the-normal-routine stuff means that my house is pretty messy. We've been pulling clothes out of the clean basket for long that it's nearly empty (kind of a genius...if it weren't so annoying). I need to vacuum, so I left my vacuum out - not just out, in the way to where I keep tripping on it and have to shimmy through the basement door cause I can't open it all the way. But, while my floor isn't vacuumed, it doesn't need to be mopped because Wade's new thing is to wipe up all the messes. I've put a rag where he can grab it (otherwise he cries for me to get him one) and he cleans up. I haven't encouraged this stuff at all - sometimes I'm the one telling him it's okay when he makes a mess. Such a goofy kid! (Anyone else have a kid do this type of stuff? Honestly a little worried about OCD).

Oh, and we are getting strawberries! On the plants that didn't get dug up and carrying by a two year old up our hill. Wade has to go down to the strawberry patch every day to pick berries. He's pretty good at just getting the red ones - until he eats all the red ones, then he eats enough green ones until he remembers that they're yucky.

We lost our TV remote. It's been two weeks. I'm sure the toddler had something to do with it. In church this week we talked about the lost coin and I couldn't help but make the parable of the lost TV remote. Making it relevant for our day - and, let me tell you, we've turned our house upside-down looking for that thing!

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