This week: 20 July 2016

I couldn't talk about this week without bringing up Pokemon go - or whatever that app is called. Husband has it. Such a nerd. We've gone on more walks this week than the rest of summer! Which, Wade and Stella LOVE! He has to hold her leash and she loves running with him (well, trotting. Toddlers aren't very fast). Husband will stop to catch a Pokemon and Wade will holler, "Come on Daddy, hurry up!" Ha, my thoughts exactly. At different parks you get stuff, so everywhere we drive we detour by as many parks as possible and we go less than 20 mph in residential areas so the app thinks Husband is walking, not driving. All with babies crying in the back. It's ridiculous. But the hilarious kind of ridiculous. Husband told me that for lunch he and some coworkers went to a park for a poke-battle. Oh gracious.

I found all of the original Pokemon cards in a binder in our basement (oh, the random things we inherited). Now is the time to sell, right?! I seriously just checked eBay, and I could get about $100. 

Sometimes you all have to climb in the cupboard. You just do.

These kiddos have been everywhere and doing everything together. I am acutely aware of how dirty my floor is. They spit in each others faces and have an ongoing crawling train - laughing the whole time. Well, mostly Wade and Jacqueline are laughing, they're best buddies. Blake is serious about her exploring and attempts at getting to the dog food, she doesn't have time for shenanigans. Wade introduced the girls to the wonderful world behind the cupboards. Tupperware and kid snacks are everywhere. Always. 

And Blake figured out the xbox button.

Wade is currently standing at the top of the stairs saying, "Eat? Eeeeeat!" His favorite stalling tactic - which often works because he's a busy two year old who can't be bothered to stop for food. And last night we were soft and let him come down and help us make muffins (cupcakes).

Yes, sitting on the counter and lining up all the eggs IS part of making cupcakes. He didn't go to bed until 10. Still woke up at 6:25. Ugh. He snuggled into Husband this morning, then remembered that there were cupcakes downstairs. Watching his go from sleeping and relaxed to alert and excited makes it worth it. Kind of. So I tell myself. 

Blake bit Jacqueline's finger. You'd think she'd learn, but they continue to be fascinated with one another's mouths. Jac got her back by throwing a play phone at her face and leaving a little bruise. 

This picture of Jacqueline and the Cheerio. 

Blake started sleeping through the night consistently! Woohoo!!! She's still waking up once and cries for 5 minutes, but she soothes herself back to sleep. You'd think I'd be well rested, but I'm not. I am more tired! Here's my theory - getting a decent night sleep is making my body realize that it's been in survival mode for so long and it's realizing it's tired. Or maybe it's because Wade goes down so late and we still try to squeeze in kidless time afterwards, so we're going to bed way too late (y'know, like 10:30) for early rising kiddos. 

We've been playing hide and seek with Wade. His giggles and smiles are so sweet they'll give you cavities. Husband or I will count while the other hides with Wade - he always gets too excited and runs out of his hiding place. Then he'll go count and come look for us in our "hiding place" (like standing in the middle of the living room). Such a good time - I got a side ache from laughing. Nothing funnier than standing with only half my body hidden by the curtain and Wade turning around not able to find me. 

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room - or, more like the mountain on my face. I think my body was trying to grow a unicorn horn, but it could only muster a mammoth zit. Well, then all the pours around this zit were all like "ow, you're squishing me!" So they go all mad and inflamed and ...well, let's just say face recognition software wouldn't recognize me right now. I feel like the coolest adult ever. Can I get some anti-wrinkle/acne cream over here? If I worked outside the home I might call I sick - instead I have a toddler pointing at it (thanks to Husband showing him and laughing, cementing in Wade's desire to do it continually). Now, excuse me while I go ice the black eye my zit gave me. 

In my kid-less time I've been painting trim like crazy! Powder bath, laundry room, basement. Making my whole house look under construction, cause why complete a project when you could start another? In my mind they're all intertwined, but really my house is just a mess. On the way to looking better. 

But right now, garbage. I guess you could call it the shabby chic look - gone wrong. But, I think I'll finish it instead. So excited for how fresh and bright these spaces are going to look. We talk about how nice it'll be to hang out downstairs, but I don't think we will much and I'm secretly looking forward to having one area of my house stay clean and put together for more than 15 consecutive minutes. Instead of a man-cave it'll be my mommy-sanctuary. Every time I go down to get some food storage I'll breath in all the good vibes. 

I have so many thoughts swimming around in my head about this week - emotions. Let me just say, women are crazy! This week I've felt happy, overwhelmed, angry, empowered, frustrated, hurt, abandoned, excited, ect. For the most part I've been feeling unbalanced. I've been expecting a lot from myself and it's just hard. Most weeks I can keep up with my expectations and they push me - which is such a good thing - but this week I'm falling short and I'm having to step back and recenter and refocus. I need to commune with God and love my family. Notice how I didn't just say take care of my family? Not just get them food and change their diapers? I need to love them. After that everything is a want. I want to get my exercise in. I want to work on my house. I want to clean my house. One could ague that those are needs too, but they're not. They're really high on the want list and they should be the first things I add in after the needs, but this next week I'm focusing on the needs. That's where lasting happiness comes from. 

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