This week: 13 July 2016

We do baths daily cause it's the most fun and everybody loves them! And, somehow, everyone sticks to their own third of the tub and doesn't bug one another - it's like they're each so content and happy that they don't have to harass one another. Like I say, everybody (including mommy) loves baths.

Jacqueline figured out the steps from the living room into the kitchen! She did it 3 times and has since forgotten and gone back to whining when Blake leaves her behind. These two need each other! There have been a few times this week when I have one awake for some reason and they're so discontented when they don't have each other. Oh man, and when they're together - they're both so quick and move in unison, they're like little lionesses hunting their prey. Wade has taken to laying on the ottoman to get his diaper changed, otherwise they pounce.

While Jac is mastering (and un-mastering) two steps, Blake is going to town:

Wade found an empty iPhone box and everyone has been fighting over it cause it's a "phone." Wade loves playing with it and presses the main button and says "five minutes" (cause we do that to set timers).

I discovered that snapchat is made for twins:

So ridiculous. I thought the girls would think taking the pictures would be fun, they don't care, they're just engaged cause I'm holding my phone - aka the holy grail to always be sought after.

Wade loves catch - he's sort of decent at catching and throwing. But you have to beware on throwing, cause he'll say catch and throw it, whether you're ready or not. To him, the definition of catch is, "I'm going to throw this now." He'll throw down his empty milk or water cup from upstairs and you had better be ready or duck.

The girls have started making satisfactory noises while eating. I love it; I won't when they're five and chewing with their mouths open. I laid Jac down before Blake today and came to find Blake in the dog food (not abnormal...) and she was making yummy smacking noises, ha, ha! I guess it was really tasty dog food.

Speaking of girl eating habits - Blake has taken to screaming at me when she's done with something. Doesn't matter if it's gone or not, when she's done and wants something new, she tells me. And when I make eggs I have to hide them until they're ready, otherwise Blake won't eat anything and just scream - from the time I put the skillet on the stove and pull the eggs out of the fridge to the time they're cool enough to eat. The girl likes eggs.

Both girls think they're funny and laugh to themselves. Jacqueline is alway giggling at her own jokes and recently likes to look over my shoulder while nursing her (well, not nursing, cause whatever is over my shoulder is super important) and laugh. Blake does a fake laugh that she has to close her eyes for like she's forcing it out - but then it makes her really laugh.

I have no story with this picture. I just love seeing Husband with our kids and seeing them interact together. Everyone loves when daddy comes home.

She (this is Jac) was so intrigued with Daddy's mouth and beard. 

I've starting laying out activities for Wade on the kitchen table (safe from stealing sisters) for him to come "discover." I thought of it Sunday when I took him to nursery, they had puzzles all set up on a table for when the little kids come in - he hasn't played with puzzles at home for a long time, I thought they just weren't his "thing" right now, but then I thought about how the girls were all over him and puzzles were probably too frustrating at home. Well, he's been all about them up on the table. Sheesh, I'm such a good mom (hahahaha!).

Wade loves burying the girls in blankets. Jac loves it too. Blake does not and crawls away to safety, or I have to rescue her.

The first bit of our honey oak trim is gone! I feel like I should have started with this news, cause it's kind of monumental. I started painting in the main floor powder room. I've been feeling so incredibly discouraged by the amount of honey oak to paint and just work to do on this house in general, but I mustered some motivation and decided to just start. Start on the to-do list of projects - it feels so good. I also got out my power saw and fixed some shelves, patched holes in walls (in every room in every paint color - so now instead of holes we have white filler. Good call, Moe. Good call), cleaned the basement. I can do all the things!

I've also been going a little crazy on Craigslist. FYI: my cause of death will possibly be associated with Craigslist. Kidding, I'm cautious. But I bought three rugs this week and a lamp. Let's just say, the basement is going to be sooo cool! And that's not including my thrift finds...I may have a problem. But just trying to make my house enticing to visitors. It all started cause I couldn't sleep Sunday night (I had an amazing Sunday nap) so I got on Craigslist and gave myself a pep talk about this week - must have been a good pep talk, cause I wasn't even tired on Monday and I've been getting so much done! Might also have something to do Dr Pepper. Course, there is still so stinking much to do. But, enough of that negative talk.

I've also been working on updating the house tour page (at the top) - course it's for our last house, ha, ha! I need to rearrange that and then get our last house AND this house up. Hopefully I get another great Sunday nap! I miss that house and the work we did on it. Check it out!

I hurt my knee on Monday evening while exercising. Probably a sign that I shouldn't exercise any more. I've been icing it and stretching - it's feeling a little better, but I'd like to take the stairs like a normal person again and not flinch when changing diapers. Both those things consume a lot of my day.

Tonight I was putting Wade down and we snuggled and I tickled his feet and legs - then I stopped and he asked me to tickle him again. I stop every night cause I love hearing him ask me to "tickle Wade toes." Then I went and sat outside his door to referee escape attempts. But tonight when I told him to go back to bed he just came right out and said, "Want to sit next to you." So he did. And I let him.

On Sunday someone shared about how Joseph of Egypt blossomed every where he went, even in prison. It's had me thinking all week about how I can (and have) blossomed where I am, right now. Being a mom of so many little people isn't easy. Sometimes I feel like I never get to catch a break. I find myself telling Husband "where's my win?!" Which, I know, isn't f that I'm scared of something bad happening - cause who gets to be this happy? Okay, I'm digressing. Some days aren't great, but overall I feel that I am blossoming. Blossoming into more than I thought I would. More than I thought I could. I think I thought I'd be a cherry blossom, but now I think I'm a peony. So, tonight I'm feeling grateful for the Lord helping me become who He wants me to be, but also who He knew I'd be happiest being. Cause peonies are my favorite flower. I think He knew I'd want to be a peony.

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