This week: 7 September 2016

I have a new library book calling my name! It's the next in the series I've been reading, but I just found out the series isn't done, which means I have to wait for the next book after I read this one - uuuughh! My bed is also calling my name (my bed is so needy, always calling me). Sheesh, all my kids are asleep, Husband is out and I everything is still calling my name - books, bed, Netflix, the brownies on the counter. Never a moments peace. 

The picture is terrible, but this bean bag has been the biggest hit. I moved it downstairs and it's an all day dog pile - with lots of giggles and lots of tears. Most of the tears are when brother is around "helping."

Speaking of helping:

Crap, another not great picture - I am winning it this week. Wade's been trying to help Blake walk. She hates it. For the most part she's really good at getting away from him (Jac, not so much. Wade and Jac are BFF and, therefore, have a lot more tears), but he got her cornered at church.

Wade's been building lots of tunnels. Anything to distract him from eating. He hates eating - I mean, aren't humans supposed to have some kind of desire to survive? Today he asked to go to time out instead of eating. Even if he does like climbing into empty high chairs.

This week has included lots of this too:

Girls climbing on me, being bottomless pits, and NEEDING these applesauce pouches - if they see Wade eating one, they freak out and demand one of their own.

Also, yogurt. I can't let them see me get the yogurt out unless I'm willing to share and sign up for this mess (aka: kitchen sink baths). Both girls have to hold their own spoons, which they're terrible at - hence the picture.

Blake bit me this week. Right on my shoulder. Left a mark. In the following 5 minutes she pulled Wade's hair and knocked Jacqueline over/climbed on top of her. She was no ones favorite for those five minutes. Guess Wade isn't the only turd.

And, one more pic (well, two together), cause these girls have been killing me with their cuteness.

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