This week: 14 September 2016

Hello! I have 87 pages left in my book, yet here I am. Dedication. Well, there are more books in the series, so it's not like I'll get any closure (and, I just ordered the next book!!). My house falls to pieces when I'm stuck in a book, cause I can't have self control and read a little each day for a week, oh no. I have to binge read, stopping only to care for my children and interact sparingly enough with Husband that he doesn't feel neglected (thank goodness it's football season). All in all, I suppose I'll be staying up late.

We got this happen chance shot of my with all my kids, all looking at the camera - even the dog! Wade wanted to take a picture of me and then decided he wanted a picture with me. And sitting on the stairs is obviously an invitations for all crawling things to gather. If husband were in it, it'd be our Christmas card. Even if we're down a few pairs of pants.

Jacqueline woke up first from the afternoon nap, a rarity - it's usually Blake, or when Jac does wake up first she just lies there and waits for her sister to wake up. She was crying this time, so I went up to get her and she just wanted me to hold her. We went downstairs and she wrapped her arm around mine in a monkey hold (I love baby monkey holds! Blake does it all the time, but getting it from Jacqueline was a little treat - she's usually careening all around and trying to play), then I sat down and she just snuggled into me with her head on my shoulder. It was divine. I sang to her and she giggled, all while she had her head on me. Then Daddy got home and took her and she gave me the funniest, happiest look that said, "neeener, neeener, neeener, I've got Daddy."

The girls have figured out how to climb. If anything is pushed up to a chair, they can get up it. If Husband or I are leaning on the couch, we're basically asking to be used as ladders. Getting down, on the other hand, needs assistance. Luckily the blanket/pillow boost is usually there to pad the landing. Blake looks crazy in the middle picture - I love it.

Wade's been telling us to "no touch" things. "No touch me," said especially to Husband, who cannot resist pestering him and to anyone who wants to pick him up, change him, move him, sit next to him, look at him. The personal bubble is appearing - not that he shows any signs of caring about my personal bubble. He tells his sisters the toys they can't touch (all of them). And has to remind me, at random points during the day whenever it hits him, to not touch his iPad or toy computer - cause you never know when I might sneak off to learn the ABC's or 123's from his computer.

The girls have discovered the play house. I have such dreams of one day not having this in my living room, but for the time being, it gets so loved. They love to play in it together, sometimes all three of them play with it peacefully - but for the most part there is lots of trapping people on one side of the door and many tears.

But he does really, really love his sisters.

Often when they're napping he asks when they'll wake up (probably cause I'm boring and bugging them is fun). He's been helping me give them bottles at nap time and at night he comes in and sings to them while I nurse them (I'm not allowed to sing with him). Happy Birthday and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star are his favorites. And he frequently gives them hugs (annoying the crap out of them) and kisses anytime they cry (usually by his hand).

Earlier this week I heard him get up from his nap and not come downstairs. Then I hear him on the baby monitor saying, "I want to say hi babies. Hi, babies!" Then I hear girl waking up and then lots of giggles. I brought them down and they were a bit grouchy cause their nap had been shortened + they were still trying to wake up, but Wade came up and gave Jac a hug as he said, "I love her." Then he went and did the same thing to Blake. I didn't rescue either baby as they tried to squirm from his grasp, it was too precious.

Wade hates loud noises. He's terrified. Recently when we go outside he begs to go immediately back in, scared that a loud car/plane/helicopter/motorcycle/truck might pass by. We went to the outdoor outlets and he walked around with his fingers in his ears the whole time. He loves when I make shakes, but he hides under the table and tells me when I can start. Poor kid. 

We spent all of labor day weekend digging a trench to divert a rain gutter - it didn't fix the problem of us getting water in our basement, so onto the next potential problem solver. This last weekend we spent the whole day Saturday putting in an electric dog fence, just for it to not work! What a waste of a day. We're both feeling annoyed as we spin our wheels on problems that aren't even fun updates, and getting no where. Thankfully the sunflowers I planted are all blooming and it makes looking out our back windows so fun. 

This week I've been thinking about being a stay at home mom. At some point in the future I plan to work part time, and sometimes we muse about how nice it'll be to have the double income. Well, the one and a half income. We'll be able to renovate and furnish our house, go on more outings and vacations, go out to eat more. Sometimes it's hard to not be able to do those things. Lots of times it's hard. We have several friends with kids that they both work and they frequently make comments about how they couldn't survive on one income. And I have lots of friends that are able to stay at home because their husbands make enough that they don't need the double income. Not saying anything about any of the choices that anyone is making - it just hit me recently how much me staying home has been a choice to do without a lot of things right now (which feel so silly to say, I have way more than my parents did!), and when I think about it like that, I am so much happier. When I equate my furniture-less family room with being home to snuggle Jacqueline after her nap. Or at-home pizza dates to being able to watch Wade annoy his sisters and tell them he loves them. It's not simply that we can't afford x, y, z, it's that we've chosen to not afford x, y, z so I can stay right here. Also, staying in house pants all day is a great perk too. 

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