This week: 19 October 2016

My parents (Mama and Papa Billa) were here for a week and Wade was in heaven! He went with me to the airport and when he realized he wasn't getting out with them he started bawling. It was devastating and adorable. 

As we drove away he said, " Papa Billa? Mama? Go on plane? (Sob) They go on plane? I get out. I go in there. (Deep sign) I be fine." If a scene with a three year old can been harrowing, then this was. 

We went to the zoo and he talked all about the "big bear" and loved the lion that kept pacing and Wade kept running back and forth with him (which was legit cool). 

And mostly Wade just loved being the center of attention of both grandparents.

And we went to get a chop saw and Wade got to drive the cart.

Then "help" cut the wood.

And play with the drill. Papa Billa really is the coolest.

Papa Billa and Mama both got thoroughly clobbered by babies: 

And somehow Jac kept conning Mama to pick her up from her high chair, cart and stroller - she just wiggled and smiled and that Mama just melted. But Blake became the favorite when she figured out that Papa Billa likes head rubs (doesn't she look like Lily Jo here?!).

At night we say prayers and I ask Wade what he's thankful for, he's still saying that he's thankful for Papa Billa and Mama. Course, he also frequently says that he's thankful for his iPad - which really, is quite the compliment, getting ranked with iPad is a pretty big deal. 

Jac needs to hold things in each hand and her mouth everywhere she goes. She's also always looking for a lap - if she has a lap and something in each hand, then she is good to go. She also keeps standing on my lap to look down at me and poke me in the eye - she's kind of a bully, but a cute one. 

Speaking of eye poking, when I nurse the girls they always end up holding hands to keep the other from poking them in the eye. Tandem nursing is dangerous stuff. Recently Blake has been finishing nursing first and makes her body into a stiff board and whines until I lay her down in her crib where she rolls over and passes out. 

Wade's started counting at me. When I need him to stop/start doing something I tell him I'll count to 10 to help him transition (read it in some parenting book, works really well for him), and he's started counting down for when I can leave when I tuck him in at night. 

He also came in the other morning and told us he had a dream - how did he realize it was a dream, where did he learn about dreams?! But really, I want to know what his dream was about!! 

Wade keeps saying, "My tongue is out mommy! Mommy, my tongue is in my mouth!!" All the time. It took me a while to figure out what he was saying when his tongue was out.

Wade has decided that the maple in our front lawn is going to turn purple and keeps telling everyone that comes over.

And look at this stinkin' cute baby that keeps posing for me like it's her job!

Per usual, lots of babies. But we also cleaned out the garage and can now fit both cars in (wahoo!!), sold the grey BMW (double wahoo!!), installed a NEST thermostat (happy Father's Day!), built a picture ledge (thanks Dad), and made some art for the entry way (thanks mom). 

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